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  1. Fred87nc

    I need help unlocking iPhone 2g v2.2 for Christmas

    I made the promise to my friend to have it done for his son this after 2 hours, I'm stuck, I can't get it done. I used Pwnge tool and it just doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? The only step is that I can't get the thing to ask for the bootloader. Any help guys please.
  2. Fred87nc

    Apple Becoming Synonymous With Petty

    This is funny, before the iPhone, none of the iPods came with a wall charger, just the USB cable. Well atleast back when I got my 30gb Ipod video it didn't. When I went to buy my iPhone on day one, the At&t was trying to sell the wall chargers that were on display to a costumer, I was...
  3. Fred87nc

    Washed my phone!

    Man, I lost my iPhone a month ago due to water damage, I was at a pool party and I had made sure I gave my Phone to my girl, After a while I got thrown in the pool. No biggies, well around the end of the night, I had my phone back in my pocket, and those "Guys" decided to dump me in the pool...
  4. Fred87nc

    Online Jobs similar to ChaCha?

    Not that I know of... Send me your name and email address and zip code and I'll get you an application. I gotten one for many other members on the board. Are you over 18?
  5. Fred87nc

    I hate you 2.0!

    Wow I thought I was the only one, 2.0 sucks My screen is all laggy now, response time sucks, I type on forums and the screen keeps moving . wtf I don't want this sh7t on my phone, I want to downgrade, is the method listed above not even 100% guarantee it work?
  6. Fred87nc

    Is 3G Worth The Upgrade? Question to V1 Owners

    thats a good thing, you can talk on the phone and browse 3g at the same time. Just like wi-fi.
  7. Fred87nc

    WiFi Show up on bill?

    If you watch porn on your iPhone while on hotel wifi, it will show up on your bill as XXX material.
  8. Fred87nc

    Youtube quality on 3G iPhone?

    well telenav supposed to release an app that will give you turn by turn directions but you will have to buy it. Bad thing I heard is GPS drains your battery, so a car charger adapter is a must. But from another thread I read this guy tested like 15 car adapters and none would work with the 3g...
  9. Fred87nc

    Youtube quality on 3G iPhone?

    what are you talking about. Youtube Videos are great quality on the iPhone over wifi. This type of quality is what we want playing over the 3g network..
  10. Fred87nc

    Youtube quality on 3G iPhone?

    I got the V1 iPhone since day one, The dateaplan is 10 dollars more without text, So I'll be paying atleast 5 dollars more for text. That makes it more expensive for me. Whats the point of Having 3g if I'm going to have it off. I don't want to pay much more for the 3g if I'm not going to use...
  11. Fred87nc

    Youtube quality on 3G iPhone?

    mm someone make a video of quality of youtube over 3g.
  12. Fred87nc

    Youtube quality on 3G iPhone?

    I rather it download slower but be wifi quality, Most videos download fine on edge, they Play continuesly as it downloads.
  13. Fred87nc

    Is 3G Worth The Upgrade? Question to V1 Owners

    3g a battery killer, screen isn't as good, battery life sucks, and quality of youtube videos on 3g are the same as edge.
  14. Fred87nc

    Youtube quality on 3G iPhone?

    2.0 gives us the best the new iPhone can offer. Whats the point to upgrading?
  15. Fred87nc

    Youtube quality on 3G iPhone?

    this is a deal breaker. More expensive without text messages. Crappier Battery life. Crappier Screen, and crappy gps that doesn't do voice turn by turn, and kills battery, Crappy 3g that only does 2x speed of edge and has crappy quality youtube videos.
  16. Fred87nc

    Youtube quality on 3G iPhone?

    wtf whats the point of 3g then? I'm on wifi most of the time anywayz. I'm leaning away from buying the 3g after this.
  17. Fred87nc

    Youtube quality on 3G iPhone?

    Whats the quality of youtube on 3g iPhone running on 3g? Is it like edge or like wifi.
  18. Fred87nc

    Agile messenger

    mmm i'm about to dump my 2.0 and jail break my phone again. glad quality apps are out now.
  19. Fred87nc

    How do leaked 2.0 users get Official 2.0

    have you done it? what are you thoughts.
  20. Fred87nc

    Official edge Vs 3G speeds Thread! Post them.

    OK I did my own test. with restarted Safari. Edge took 45 seconds to load up completely 3g on the video took 25 seconds. thats a 2x increase people. Wifi took 18 seconds. Not tooo shabby. Conclusion: EDGE:45s 3G:25s Wifi: 18s