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    Official iPhone Refund Policy Tomorrow?
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    Just bought my iPhone!

    $50 more you could have had a refrshed 8 gig!
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    Refurbished iPhones

    Not sure if this was posted yet. Save $100 on an iPhone.
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    Apple's "Secrecy" rant...

    Why didn't you wait to see if anyone had issues before buying it? You lost your right to complain if you bought a version 1.0 of anything without waiting to see if there are issues.
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    iDay is here

    It maybe nuts so everyone be careful.
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    Its now the 29th For ME

    Be safe brother!
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    All iPhone Reviews

    The sensor is up top where you would place it next to your ear. But yeah, your probably right that he isn't using it.
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    All iPhone Reviews

    There is a video review from USA TODAY's Ed Baig & Jefferson Graham but I noticed that the iPhone display didn't turn off when he put it up to his ear. I thought Steve said it would to save power and that your face didn't make any inputs on it? I attached a picture of him.
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    new rumor: ringtones in iTunes 7.3

    Someone will hack it.
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    iPhone Pricing Plan Discussion

    AT&T and Apple Announce Simple, Affordable Service Plans for iPhone Here it is.
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    Apple Employees Flaunting iPhones in Public Like Crazy (w/Picture)

    Looked like it was Jimmy Hoffa holding that phone. Is he working in an Apple store?
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    NEWS: iPhone's $200 Million Jackpot

    What isn't....
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    NEWS: iPhone's $200 Million Jackpot

    I was just reading that. That is incredible!
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    Apple Planning V2 iPhone For Macworld San Francisco

    Here is the article. Sorry if this was already posted.
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    iPhone video at

    This guy speaking is like a robot.
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    how the heck is this going to work?

    I think they will pre-approve you or something.
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    YouTube commercial

    I called my girlfriend and told her that our new phones were going to have youtube on them. She has no idea what that is and wouldn't know what iPhone was if I did show her the Keynote. They should let people know what things are.
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    I know that this is off topic but you need to install this!

    PS I found a pic of what it looks like after installation. At the bottom you see the pics that you can scroll through.
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    Yeah, its really cool!
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    I know that this is off topic but you need to install this!

    I found this plugin called PicLens. What you do is install it and go to Google Images. You will see a play button on the images. When you click on the play button it brings all of the images to full screen in a sort of template and you can scroll through all of them without clicking. It is truly...