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  1. iBoss

    Any Photography Fans?

    Check out my Photography FB Page and "Like" if you like. Thank You! Sent using iCafe app
  2. iBoss

    Clock App Will Actually Stop Your Music.

    Probably many of you already know this but I just found out this today. If you go to your "Clock App" and go to Timer>"When Timer Ends">then "Stop Playing" it will stop your Music at whatever timer minutes you set. This is ideal If you sleep to your music. Happy New iYear 2013 to all of you...
  3. iBoss

    EiC update for iP5?

    So when are you guys updating the app to be compatible with the iPhone 5? In size wise.
  4. iBoss

    Let us See you "PhotoStream" on Flickr?...

    So I got a Canon T3i like a month ago and let me tell you, is just amazing! Im not in any way shape or form a professional photographer, it would be nice to see other EiC Members PhotoStream on Flickr. Here is mine.
  5. iBoss

    Future iPhone pic leaked.

    Ok guys here it is straight from china I don't know the specifications on it but maybe you can post some thoughts :)))) Sent from my iPhone4(S) iCafe
  6. iBoss

    Please no iPad 4 predictions yet

    Please let the iPad 3(HD) run its course. It seems that people are always speculating, guessing what's next for an iDevice way to early. I'm pretty sure there is already a YouTube video showing an "iPad 4"! Sent from my iPhone4(S) iCafe
  7. iBoss

    MacBook Pro Should I let MacBook Pro battery discharge completely before plugging in?

    I just got my MacBook Pro yesterday, my question is should I let the battery run down all the way before plug in it in? Or that's just old school stuff? Sent from my iPhone4(S) iCafe
  8. iBoss

    This is Amazing technology! WaterProof your iPhone!

    A mind-blowing way to waterproof your iPhone. How effective is this gonna be? Well I think very, unless you have a LifeProof case for your iPhone or something similar all the other cases won't help with water entering your device...
  9. iBoss

    iJust got SiriToggles from Cydia and it's awesome!

    I just got SiriToggles from the BigBoss repo for free and it totally adds a lot more functionality to Siri. You can ask Siri to set brightness to a certain percentage, enable/disable wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode etc. also tell Siri to launch apps for you. I'm reFalling in love with Siri. ;)...
  10. iBoss

    Change Carrier Name with SBSettings! iOS 5

    Ok guys I know maybe a lot of you already know how to change the carrier Logo in your iDevice, from Sprint, AT&T, Verizon to whatever you want. But if you got SBSettings from Cydia already there is no need for you to download "MakeitMine" anymore since its already included in the SBSettings...
  11. iBoss

    GreenPoison A5 chip Jailbreak?

    So FINALLY IT'S HERE the looong awaited untethered jailbreak for the 4s and iPad 2.. Does anybody has it already and is it working fine? I know is with GreenPoison and only Mac users can jailbreak at this time. When is the jailbreak for Windows users been released? Sent from my iPhone4(S) iCafe
  12. iBoss

    MacBook Pro Retina Display on MacBook Pro?

    So is it true that a Retina Display MacBook Pro is in the making? And if it is can somebody tell me an ETA, I'm about to buy a MacBook in the next couple of months but if this Retina Display rumor is true I prefer to wait. Sent from my iPhone4(S) iCafe
  13. iBoss

    Untethered Jailbreak for 4S and iPad 2 coming up.

    According to Pod2g there is a release coming up for the untethered jailbreak for the A5 devices. It might be released as soon as this coming week! "I made a step today for A5. With some luck we could expect a release in a week". From his twitter account. I'm ready for this! Sent from my...
  14. iBoss

    Let's have fun and start a "Yo Mama" jokes thread!

    Yo mama's so stupid, she tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order..... Sent from my iPhone4(S) iCafe
  15. iBoss

    George Clooney might play Steve Jobs in upcoming movie!

    I don't think he would be a good match! To tell you the truth I don't know who will. Who do you think would play a good Steve Jobs?!
  16. iBoss

    Is it true Google is Unveiling a Music Store to compete with iTunes today?

    Just read that Google is going to unveil a music store today that suppose to be a serious threat to Apples iTunes (I doubt it). But how true is this does anybody have more info on this?
  17. iBoss

    Factory Unlocked iPhone 4s 16gb

    Ok my brother got a new iPhone 4s 16gb Factory Unlocked for his birthday and he wants to sell it because he wants it white instead of black. Of course he has everything including the box and everything that comes in it plus Apple care. The iPhone is in immaculate condition. My question is how...
  18. iBoss

    What is the "Location-Based iAds" on my iPhone 4S for?

    Hi guys can somebody tell me what is this (Location-Based iAds) for. This is found under Location Services>System Services. Also do I need it on at all times? I just read in an article that turning this off will also help your battery life that's why I'm asking. Thanks!
  19. iBoss

    I think this is how Siri would look like!

    or what do you think post a pic of how do you imagine her! Sent from my iPhone4(S) iCafe
  20. iBoss

    Question about Reminders on iP4s.

    Ok I have notice this numbers and letters on my reminders screen can somebody tell what is this? I can swipe and delete it but I was wondering the reason why this appears? Sent from my iPhone4(S) iCafe