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  1. Marksman

    iPhone Friendly Websites

    I have started a list of iPhone friendly websites on You can check out the current list: iPhone Friendly Websites If you know any others please let me know so I can add them. I will hopefully have a more iPhone friendly acess to my AnyiPhone soon as well.
  2. Marksman

    Using WiFi

    I finally got things going and have my Wifi set up, but I can't seem to get the phone to use it. It seems to be using the EDGE network instead of my local wifi. How do I change this?
  3. Marksman

    AT&T Stock Numbers

    We have had a lot of AT&T employees here over the past weeks. Any have any firm or ballpark numbers on actual inventory. I have seen LOTS of reports on the Apple Stores, but few actual reports on AT&T Inventories.
  4. Marksman

    Data plans and multiple phones

    I know we can't speak to the details of the iPhone data plan yet, but does anyone know how data plans normally work with multiple phones? IE do you need one dataplan per phone, or is it per account, or family plan? So if I had two smartphones, would I have one data plan, or two? I assume it...
  5. Marksman

    Best Person to Bribe?

    I am giving some serious consideration to bribing someone to get an iPhone so I don't have to wait in line. So what would my best bet be? A Manager seems like the most likely target, but they also would have the most to lose. Anyone else in the chain actually have the ability or power to keep...
  6. Marksman

    Would you "Settle" for 4 Gig or Wait?

    I am not trying to be condescending when saying this, but some of us have our hearts set on the larger iPhone. For those of us looking at the 8 gig model, what if on launch day you got there, and they only had 4 gig models left. Would you "settle" for one of those, or wait to get the 8 gig model?
  7. Marksman

    Upgrade Eligibility Requirements?

    Does anyone know specifically what amount of time you have to be into your contract to qualify for an upgrade? I have seen six months, and just wanted to get some verification. For some reason I was thinking I was only about 6 months into my contract, but I am about 9 months and may be almost...