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  1. Kabeyun

    Announcement: I'm a daddy

    Hi folk! I just wanted to share with you that my wife & I just had a little girl, Elizabeth. She's terribly premature (27 weeks, 1lb 14oz) but doing very well. Jennifer is looking at the hospital dinner menu right now, which is incredible given that she was having a C-section 8 hours...
  2. Kabeyun

    Can't edit the calendar of an existing item!

    I didn't know if this was common knowledge, but it just blows me away. What a ridiculous oversight. So much for fixing misfiled appointments while I'm on the crapper. :angry: If I missed it, please let me know how. Thanks. -K
  3. Kabeyun

    3G...and GPS

    More fodder for the rumor mill. Probably a duplicate post, but what the hey. Courtesy of Engadget. Enjoy. -K
  4. Kabeyun

    1.1.4 make you anxious? Read on...

    I'm being a little tongue in cheek here but the release firmware 1.1.4, presumably in preparation for the imminent iPhone SDK, has me a little anxious. We don't really yet know what capabilities the official app(-oid?)s will have. This will be a big crossroads in iPhone's development as a...
  5. Kabeyun


    FRIGGIN' A! :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2: -K
  6. Kabeyun

    Deep fried turkey is delicious

    Gotta share this with y'all. For the 3rd year in a row, I deep fried our Thanksgiving turkey (whole). It produces the juiciest, tenderest, crispiest-skin turkey we've ever had. For those of you with access to a level, outdoor, non-wood surface to cook on, I encourage you to give it a try next...
  7. Kabeyun

    Leopard outsells Vista Neat. -K
  8. Kabeyun

    Blue "PLAY" Arrow menu icon bug, anyone?

    I've noticed that since the 1.1.1 update, the blue "Play" triangle (menu bar, next to the Bluetooth icon) appears all by itself. The iPod isn't playing, confirmed any number of ways. I can clear it by going to iPod, playing a song, then pausing/stopping. At first, I thought it was only...
  9. Kabeyun

    Amazon's new DRM-free MP3 store

    Here's the press release. Any thoughts? Such as "Gee, the songs are 30 to 40 cents cheaper than iTMS's DRM-free content." Or "How'd all those major labels jump on board with Amazon so quickly?" Or "256 kb/s... not bad!" Do you think this latest salvo in the DRM-free movement will threaten...
  10. Kabeyun

    Expanding home screen

    As folks have noticed, iPod Touch has some apps that iPhone doesn't (yet) have. One which should be released by the end of the month is the iTunes Music Store app, which accesses the WiFi version of iTMS. Another app on iPod Touch is Contacts. Many have lamented not being able to directly...
  11. Kabeyun

    Web Apps v Installed Apps: PLEASE VOTE

    I'm very interested to know how many people are diving into the growing pool of web applications for iPhone. There have been several rants about how unsatisfactory they are, but there are also many out there who are using and developing them. Do you use web apps on your iPhone? Are you...
  12. Kabeyun

    New Safari feature?

    Any Mac users out there notice something different about Safari when using tabbed browsing? I just noticed that typing command-W no longer closes the entire window (a very frustrating accident when I have several important tabs open) but simply closes the active tab. When did this start? I...
  13. Kabeyun

    Apple: EVIL or DIMWITTED?

    OK, so what I want to do is use my extra power cord to plug in the iPhone's power adapter behind my bed. That way it's right there on my night stand, charging happily right where I want it, but I don't then have to reach behind the bed to unplug the USB cable from the power adapter box and into...
  14. Kabeyun


    Let me put in a good word for the Samsung WEP 410. Small, sleek, excellent clarity on both ends, BT 2.0 compliant, and reasonable battery life. I saw an AT&T manager using it with an iPhone and asked about it, since it wasn't on the shelves. -K
  15. Kabeyun

    Pricing "rumors"

    I just got off the phone with an AT&T store manager in Massachusetts. He told me the iPhone price points ($499 & $599) are indeed subsidized, something that has been debated. Specifically, he said that iPhones will cost $150 more without a new contract (or if you've already used your phone...
  16. Kabeyun

    Microsoft pursuing Yahoo?

    Holy shenanigans! Not quite as bad as 9/11 but it would be a dark day indeed. -K
  17. Kabeyun

    Verizon plan doesn't end for years

    All this time I've thought my VZW plan ended 3/25/07. It didn't. That's my "new every 2" date. My plan doesn't expire until 4/24/08. AAAUGH! Anyone want to buy a Verizon plan? :embarrassed: -K
  18. Kabeyun

    Digital camera buying advice

    OK, my wife & I are going an a great vacation soon, and I'm going to upgrade my point-&-shoot digicam (which we'll also bring). I'd like some advice, preferably from anyone who's familiar with one or all of my choices. It's come down to the Nikon D40/D40x, the Nikon D80, and the Canon Digital...
  19. Kabeyun

    Bright future for iPhone: SanDisk's 32GB flash drive?

    It seems that flash memory is growing as quickly as its prices are shrinking. SanDisk has announced (a couple of months ago) a solid state UATA flash drive that's only 1.8", consumes only 0.4 W read/write, and has sick transfer speeds. Just puttin' it out there, fyi. -K
  20. Kabeyun

    Palm, Inc. engaging the fight?

    Interesting NY Times article. So let's see: Palm (Handspring) makes Treo Apple hires Mercer, learns & creates design processes Mercer leaves Apple Mercer founds Pixo Apple contracts Pixo to make iPod iPod evolves to iPhone, threatens Palm Mercer leaves Pixo Palm hires Mercer...