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  1. DUKEL

    Post Pics of your 3G Case Here.

    Because thats what cases do. LOL
  2. DUKEL

    What case did you get for your new phone?

    No. The next best thing would be the Incipio Feather. Even better/closer to the naked phone would be the Invisible Shield. :dft012:wink
  3. DUKEL

    Innocase 2 Surface or Speck Candyshell?

    The regular innocase for the original iPhone will not work well with screen protectors. The Innocase II for the 3G/3Gs works perfect with all screen protectors I listed.
  4. DUKEL

    Need to switch cases... (advice please)

    Sounds like what you're looking for is the Incipio feather.
  5. DUKEL

    Innocase 2 Surface or Speck Candyshell?

    Screen protectors work fine with the innocase. I've had powersupport anti-glare, crystal film & invisible shield screen protectors with no issues whatsoever. Just put them on right.
  6. DUKEL

    Defender 3G/3GS series by Otterbox

    Good case if you work construction or some other hard labor. Too intrusive to use on a daily basis for the average user though. This case makes your iPhone seriously BIG!
  7. DUKEL

    Rebel VS Candyshell, Who Wins? Why?

    Candyshell definitely. The switcheasy products are garbage. Still the candyshell is far from perfect. The corners rip kinda easy, the rubber surrounding the bezel is susceptible to wear, the volume and sleep/awake button line up differently on each candyshell(production differences), the back...
  8. DUKEL

    iSkin Solo FX

    Here is the link for the one I got... Also have these on the way from a diff seller...
  9. DUKEL

    iSkin Solo FX

    Just depends on where you get them from. I found that the knockoffs I got from ebay seller dcmugen88 were actually a lot nicer than my actual iskin solo. Way thinner, edges around the screen are shaped better and collect much less dust.
  10. DUKEL

    Post Pics of your 3G Case Here.

    Here are some more choice cases! From left to right... Incase Slider, Speck Candyshell, iSkin Solo, Seidio Innocase II.
  11. DUKEL

    Luxe series case by iFrogz

    Its ok. Its basically a knockoff of the original seidio for the iPhone 2G.
  12. DUKEL

    InCase Issues

    I've tried several sliders in a couple Apple stores. There is no consistency. They all fit different. Some are tight, some are loose, some leave a crack where the bezel is visible where the two pieces of the case meet.
  13. DUKEL

    Who has a good vehicle mount for Late model civics?

    The center one blocks the vents. Still this is better than option they provided for my previous cars. The top would be the only one I'd consider. Still not too confident it would be ideal because I had a mount in almost exactly the same place and I had to reach a bit to touch the screen. I...
  14. DUKEL

    Who has a good vehicle mount for Late model civics?

    Never have been impressed with the proclip mounts. They don't offer a good solution for many cars. I'm not gonna clip it to my air vents so I cant use my AC properly.:dft011:wicked_smile I also have the new model civic and there really isn't much of anything that mounts well with it, and I've...
  15. DUKEL

    Candyshell renew?

    I tried out the new black one but the corners where the plastic and rubber were fused ripped after only taking it on & off a couple times. I tried another and sure enough it ripped too. Otherwise would have been a good case. Poorly made.
  16. DUKEL

    Post Pics of your 3G Case Here.

    It is lined with felt. Still I think all hard cases will cause at least a little scratching.
  17. DUKEL

    Post Pics of your 3G Case Here.

    Here is a pic of my favorite cases along with the dark blue innocase I got today. These are some choice cases! From left to right....Seidio Innocase II Black, Seidio Innocase II Blue, Incipio Feather, Contour Fusion.
  18. DUKEL

    Post Pics of your 3G Case Here.

    Finally someone actually carries the innocase. Before I think you just had to order online. Picked up a dark blue one today.
  19. DUKEL

    Do you have a screen protector on your iPhone 3G S? Yes or No

    Yep. The screen is scratch-resistant, not scratch-proof. I've seen way to many people with scratch up screens. I use the powersupport anti-glare or the invisible shield. The anti-glare feels better to the touch, the invisible shield lasts longer w/o getting scratched.