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  1. Knowsall

    Has my free WiFi gone away?

    I was getting free wifi at my home without the use of a router because I think a neighbor may have one that my phone is linking with. Then suddenly today. It says "Cannot connect with linksys network" I believe it is because my neighbors comp is down etc.... Any ideas? Remember I do not have a...
  2. Knowsall

    My iPhone is my baby. anyone else?

    Im single...yet I know for a fact I treat my iPhone like a baby. My own baby. I keep it covered to protect it from the elements soft or hard. I feed it battery juice maybe too much juice sometimes but my baby has many features and needs to be close to 100% if we go anywhere together. That way...
  3. Knowsall

    iPhone message::iPhone NOT WORKING TAKE IN FOR REPAIR

    Yes I got this message tonite after a week of use....I got this fcked message! So I shut down iPhone and restarted it and EVERYTHING WAS FINE! Just letting u guys know,....iPhone may say to you:::iPhone NOT WORKING TAKE IN FOR REPAIR::: just restart it like every other phone u have owned and...
  4. Knowsall

    iPhone Operating temperature:

    Operating temperature: 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C) Nonoperating temperature: -4° to 113° F Pretty wild that it can get that hot but it IS after all LOADED with features. I found a site that shows the iPhone completely taken apart. If you look you will see why the heat...
  5. Knowsall

    Unreal...fight With Girlfriend

    Nope...was not over the iPHONE(LUCKY HER) but a stupid stupid fight about nothing kind of fight. The stupidest... I mean i turned off my 8525 because I don't want to hear her voice. I realize this is not a chatroom(ZEALOT HERE) Just surprised that I had drama on the nite before iPHONE. anyone...
  6. Knowsall

    Twenty Four Hours From Now 5p June 29

    I for one know exactly where you me and EIP peeps will be. But illustrate it a bit. I will be in line(if allowed) already. Or just hanging around like a creep waiting for the doors to open. What say you. At 5p will you ACTUALLY BE THERE? WILL YOU BE IN LINE? Will you be staking out Apple? att?
  7. Knowsall

    Updated SIM Cards For Coverage

    Since iPhone comes with its own sim. Has anyone heard about whether the iPhone sims are as good as the recently updated(last year and a half) cingular sim cards(for better coverage ...more bars)
  8. Knowsall

    Starbucks Or Magic Mountain?

    Do you expect your iPHONE purchase location to be that of MICKEYMOUSELAND?/DMVLAND? or do you expect it to be mellow like STARBUCKS(on a busy morning)/POST OFFICE(mid morning) I expect it to be exactly like my local Starbucks location. People lined up for their fix. But no more than 15.
  9. Knowsall

    This Time Tomorrow What Will You Be Doing?

    Im sure this is the last question I may post on my journey to Zea lot here in EIP. While we cant know exactly what we will be doing I can give an accurate accessment. (just another plans thread that the pros here hate but we are running out of info to get and plans sounds more fun) Its 11am...
  10. Knowsall


    For me. I will be driving down a particular street where I will actually see the AT T store before I can park my car. So from that perspective, I will be able to decide: "Hmmm no Ill come back in an hour" perform a U TURN and go home. OR "Ooooo look ten or fifteen peeps in...
  11. Knowsall


    Does anyone know if it is a monthly charge to have the account. Or is it just pay as you buy. Again my actual question is if there is a Monthly charge to your credit card just to have the account? Thanks
  12. Knowsall

    What Did You Accomplish Today Here On Eip

    Personally I just looked at interesting subjects about the Keypad. Confirmed my case from Rob hehe. Looked at the NYC people waiting in line(mockup? who knows) Lets see what else...Ooo I defended a couple of points re:People still saying not to buy iPhone etc.... Received a warning for cursing...
  13. Knowsall

    TSHIRT IDEA "I survived"

    Meaning of course we survived the wait for iPhone. Sound lucrative?
  14. Knowsall

    This Week Will Be Very Mellow I Feel

    After spending the past two weeks here discussing ...pontificationg...PMSing about the iPhone I have felt that last week was one of the most electric weeks I have felt RE:spending time discussing an item with intelligent like minds. This coming week though I feel will be a lot mellower. I mean...
  15. Knowsall


    Its almost 130p here in cali and im sure by now I would have already hit up AT T to see if I could purchase it before 6pm. If met with "no sir" then Id tear my hair out for another 5 hours staking out AT T.
  16. Knowsall

    Positive Thoughts About Monday July 2nd

    Monday July 2nd at work/school or wherever with your new iPhone "Hey knowsall...what did you do over the weekend?" "Bought a new phone" "Really? lets see it" "Ok"(whips out iPhone) "Whoa you got the iPhone? isn't this like 500 bucks?" "Well the 4gig is $500. This one was $600"...
  17. Knowsall

    Million man iPhone march

    This thread is going to fly so quickly , Its just that I just now woke up and thought of this. We all must schedule a Million Man/woman iPhone MARCH for our rights as iPhone users. Why? Because there will be tons of people exhibiting jealousy regarding iPhone. Now...while thats really a joke. I...
  18. Knowsall

    Leisurecool Vs Buisnesscool

    I've been slightly stressed out about everything iPhone including this matter::: Its seems that a TON of users are interested and being met with frustration re:iPhone being compatible with their work phone. Or proper integration with their current "JOB" cellphone etc. I myself am a user that...
  19. Knowsall

    One week From Today

    This thread may lose momentum quickly and I am definitely stating the obvious but my god! in one week we will all be here blowing this place up and I just wanted to thank everyone for making my iPhone experience great. This place rules! Even if I have a misunderstanding with someone here re...
  20. Knowsall

    This iPhone site is a must see in case you have not guys

    Info Removed Had an iPhone site listed here with info updates but was told not to post so if it was against rules I apologize