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    Official iPhone Refund Policy Tomorrow?
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    Refurbished iPhones

    Not sure if this was posted yet. Save $100 on an iPhone.
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    iPhone Pricing Plan Discussion

    AT&T and Apple Announce Simple, Affordable Service Plans for iPhone Here it is.
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    Apple Planning V2 iPhone For Macworld San Francisco

    Here is the article. Sorry if this was already posted.
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    I know that this is off topic but you need to install this!

    I found this plugin called PicLens. What you do is install it and go to Google Images. You will see a play button on the images. When you click on the play button it brings all of the images to full screen in a sort of template and you can scroll through all of them without clicking. It is truly...
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    I know they are not letting anyone make REAL 3rd party apps. But this app for mac laptops would be cool on the iPhone! See the video . It also takes a picture of the person taking it and emails it to your account. LOL! I installed this on someone's Macbook at work and they loved it!
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    AT&T Launches Cell-To-Cell Live Video
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    Who won the iPhone contest?

    Was looking around to see who won but didn't see anything.
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    Link troubles?

    When I click on links in this forum it seems to bring me to the EverythingiPhone home-page half of the time. It is happening at work and at home. Is this happening to anyone else?
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    iPhone on June 29th at 6pm 'Local Time'

    While Steve Jobs gave us an exact time (6 p.m.) to line up for buy an iPhone, he didn't go into many details. As it turns out, the iPhone will be sold on June 29th at 6 p.m. local time -- so East Coasters will get a full 3 hour head start over their West Coast counter parts. An memo sent...
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    Anyone have a Bluetooth car stereo?

    I had an iPod before with one of those transmitters so I can listen to my music on my car stereo. The quality was horrible and then I got a new stereo that had an iPod adapter and I wasn't happy with that either. I have seen some Bluetooth car stereos online and wonder if anyone had one. I know...
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    Google's street view maps on iPhone?

    This looks like a cool feature. They must tie into traffic cams.
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    iPhone Waiting Lists Grow; Manufacturing Glitch Slows iPhone Production.

    What the HELL! I thought there wasn't a waiting list?!?!?! According to this site there is one? Can this be BS? I just called a Cingular store and the girl said that they do not have a waiting list and that it will be an online purchase only. Has the whole world gone nuts?
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    Myvu Personal Media Player

    I heard somewhere that iPod accessories will work with iPhone but I am not sure how accurate that was. I think I may want a pair of these if they work. Has anyone tried them yet with the ipod?
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    Bluetooth ear piece?

    I remember him showing us the ear piece as an accessory but I was wondering if it is coming with the phone for free? I would hate to drop another $50 after already dropping $600 + Applecare money.
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    You guys are gonna love this!

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    There are iPhones on eBay already lol

    Here is one that I found and its going for $1025.00 with 5 hours to go!. The ad says that the person needs to have it in their hands 30 days after the sale. I think ebay posted that. There are some others up there also.
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    Patent: Multisided Full Screen Touch iPod

    A new patent applicaton from Apple which explores the possibility of seperating the display from the touch interface by placing the touch screen interface on the back of the device. Apple describes the problems related to the use of a touch interface screen in the more traditional screen +...
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    AT&T Blocking Out June 15-July 15 for iPhone Launch

    An internal AT&T email to employees limiting vacation requests during the June 15-July 15th timeframe, citing the likely "biggest selling period we have seen in a few years." To ensure proper staffing during the product launch period, Sales personnel planning to take approved time off are...
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    AT&T/Cingular sent out a SIMple confirmation email to users who signed up for the mai

    You can find it here. There isn't anything new that I can see though.