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  1. Saiko

    Anyone else have a flawless 3GS?

    110% flawless. :laugh2: Everything was in the box and the phone / accessories are in perfect working order.
  2. Saiko

    Weather/Stocks/You Tube Not Working

    I'm also having a little trouble with stocks / weather, too. Weird.
  3. Saiko

    This iPhone fixes every last issue I had with V1 and 3G

    Yes. Do it. NO question. For the speed alone, I'd say it'd definitely be worth that extra hundy.
  4. Saiko

    Speaker is definitely louder

    Coming from a V1 the speaker is amazing! I love this phone :gasp:
  5. Saiko

    Camped Out in Line Waiting

    I'm now a proud owner of a White 32GB iPhone 3GS! :laugh2: Just got back home not long ago! Was first in line at the VP Apple store in Nebraska. Met some nice people in line and got soaked from the monsoon that passed over us. (I had an umbrella and still got real wet!) Activation and all...
  6. Saiko

    Camped Out in Line Waiting

    It started to pour again, so I'm sitting in my car :frown: haha
  7. Saiko

    Camped Out in Line Waiting

    yes, I kinda feel like an idiot. There are 3 people including me... A huge severe thunderstorm just ravaged through our area and during that me and a friend went back to his house which is just right up the street. Now that the storm has passed us, I'm back and still first in the reserved line...
  8. Saiko

    Camped Out in Line Waiting

    Ok so story time. I was TRYING to get a little bit of sleep, and after about 30 minutes of finally drifting off... I get a phone call. It's my buddy. "Dude there are some people out there at the Apple store, you should go!" So, after being woken up and all excited again... Theres no way I can...
  9. Saiko

    Camped Out in Line Waiting

    I agree. Lets all just realize that everyone does different things for different reasons and your cup of tea isn't necessarily someone else's. "Here's to the crazy ones," right? Anyway, I just did a drive by of my local Apple store and didn't see anyone waiting in line. I think I'm just...
  10. Saiko

    Camped Out in Line Waiting

  11. Saiko

    If you are camping, what are you bringing and when do you plan on getting there?

    Just checked my Apple store.. No one's waiting in line yet so i think I'm just gonna wait until later this evening before I go out there.
  12. Saiko

    If you are camping, what are you bringing and when do you plan on getting there?

    Do you guys think it'd be too weird to go around 2/3pm tomorrow? I talked to an employee at the Apple Store a week ago and asked how soon we could line up and said "I dunno, Thursday?" Sooooo I think that's my plan :2cool:
  13. Saiko

    AT&T Pricing Update

    AT&T drops iPhone 3G S prices for early iPhone 3G adopters Sorry if this is already being covered in other topics, I just think it's news that deserves it's own thread.
  14. Saiko

    iPhone 3GS Review

    Summary of all major reviews (Walt Mossberg of the WSJ, Andy Ihnatko, Engadget, Gizmodo, and Cnet)
  15. Saiko

    iPhone 3GS Review

    Gizmodo also has their review up:
  16. Saiko

    iPhone 3GS Review Enjoy :2cool:
  17. Saiko

    Who's steppin up to the 32GB and why?

    At the gigabyte level, we lose 7.2% 32x.072= 2.304 32-2.304= 29.696 - something around what our 32GB phones should show. [Edit: Just as Psylichon said], this is because the hard drive manufacturers say a gigabyte is 1000 megabytes, and 1 megabyte is 1000 kilobytes, unlike the 1024 windows /...
  18. Saiko

    I'm switching from Black to White...

    Agreed! Pretty glad I decided to go with the White 32GB.
  19. Saiko

    What are you upgrading from?

    Well I figure there's gotta be at least SOMETHING that gives it character, so it doesn't bother me all that much. :2cool:
  20. Saiko

    First thing you will do when you get your 3GS?

    First thing? Probably lick it. because it's so hot :2cool: