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  1. shillingem

    Calendar Event - The Easy Way in iOS5

    This may be old news and if it is kill the thread, but I noticed this morning that an easy way to add a new event in the calendar app was to select the date you wanted and then continue to hold. It then pops up with the screen to enter the information. Hope this helps someone else! E
  2. shillingem

    Multiple SMS sends as an MMS in 3.0!

    Has anyone else noticed that when you send a multiple recipient SMS, with 3.0 beta 5 it sends it out as an MMS. I find this frustrating because a lot of the people I send the messages to now have to download the message, instead of just receiving an SMS. Before Beta 5 you had the option to turn...
  3. shillingem

    SMS to multiple recipients with 3.0?

    Is anyone else having an issue sending an SMS to multiple recipients using 3.0 beta 2? I can send to one person without any issues, but when I send to multiple people with MMS on it gives me an error. I've found that if I turn MMS off it works great. Let me know if I am the only one. E
  4. shillingem

    SMS while on a call

    I searched for this in the forums but didn't find an answer. I understand that everyone is all hyped up about the new iPhone, but I had a quick question about how you are able to send and receive SMS's while on a call. I thought this was through your data plan. What am I missing? -E
  5. shillingem

    FirstClass Email Client

    I was able to get firstclass working on my iPhone and thought some of you might want this as well... Here are the settings that you will need: Incoming Mail Server: Host Name: fc.(your domain name here).(net, com, org....) User Name: login for first class (make sure it is your login name not...
  6. shillingem

    One touch dialing?

    I was playing around with my iPhone a few weeks ago and noticed that I can call my voicemail by holding down the 1 on the dial pad. Why doesn't Apple allow the same function as a normal phone by allowing us to assign contacts to one touch dialing. I know that this is what the Favorite's list is...