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    Why can't we just get batch SMS

    yes, Christmas and New Year's is gonna be a *****.
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    Why can't we just get batch SMS

    I wanted to SMS a bunch of people to say Happy Thanksgiving today...but I can't. WTF, I guess I should take a few hours and program all my contacts to have email address with their phone numbers. But first I'd have to spend several hours calling everyone to find out what network they are on...
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    Yahoo "Push" On/Off Button and "Fix"(Sorta)

    Bump, for those who don't search or scroll
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    Just bought an iPhone.. major problem

    Just go to the store noob. Or freakin hold the buttons down like everyone said. HOLD THEM UNTIL THE TRIANGLE COMES
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    1.1.1 = No Push Yahoo Email

    I just posted this. And still doesn't work and probably never will.
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    How do I send MMS

    yes, it will come...pfffft. That's what everyone said about the previous 3 updates.
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    Tips for shooting better iPhone pics?

    Wow, those are some good pics with the iPhone. I need to go to Disney World.
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    Yahoo "Push" On/Off Button and "Fix"(Sorta)

    Ok, basically the Yahoo "PUSH" feature doesn't work...for anyone. Sure it will work sometimes....but that's crap. It should just work. In my experience with 2 iPhones(wife has one), the yahoo "Push" feature will work for a short time after the iPhone has been restarted...then no mail will...
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    Help me figure out what to spend my $100 Credit on

    I got 2 rebates because I bought 2 phones... I got the Harmon Kardon Soundsticks II. They rock!
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    ichat or AIM app?

    I don't know but it worked for me. ApolloIM keeps crashing tho, so I'm using mobile chat! Woot it works. Eff Apple and eff AT&T. I gave them 2 months and they gave me nothing but a backstabbing
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    ichat or AIM app?

    its because Steve blow Jobs doesn't give a crap about his current customers as long as people keep buying Apples new products.
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    Ringtone Hack Works With 7.4.1 !

    I did those steps, and I can sync my iPhone, but I don't see my song anywhere under ringtones on the iPhone? What gives?
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    Were never getting our updates. Must read!

    Apple pissed me off so much, I'm thinking of taking my iMac and Airport Extreme back. I really love the iPhone. So much so that it made me buy a new iMac, which I really enjoy for the most part. But I feel like Im being screwed. They haven't come out with any real updates for the iPhone...
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    To make some of you feel better

    I really wouldn't be so pissed off if Apple would release some REAL ***** updates for the iPhone. It seems they don't give a ****to current owners. Where the **** is iChat. That settles it...Im hacking my iPhone.
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    Mail App.. Anyone else see this?

    I had that too...don't know wtf was going on. It's not there any more...just the usual '25 messages' thing.
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    Well, I scratched my screen....

    I think you meant "instructor" not "professor". Oh and I think you meant "You have my gratitude" not "Thank you". :rolleyes: Sorry to hear about that scratch....that really sucks.
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    In store Phone exchange!

    Lol...yes...sometimes I use those archaic devices to select programs.....when Im not on the iPhone that is :)
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    Help with missing memory...

    Have you tried restarting it? I had the same thing. I think it's like a temp directory or something. I restarted it and it went away.
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    Watching movies on iPhone

    I tried those instructions and the audio got progressively out of sync as the movie went was REALLY bad. I just rip DVDs with DVD Fab Decryptor then use Handbrake to encode them. Im on a PC by the way. For the Matrix I used the following settings in handbrake... iPod Preset for...
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    Watching movies on iPhone

    I put the MATRIX on just to show it off to people :) No other vids yet. I plan on encoding several ALIAS episodes for my wife.