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    The future of the iPod touch as I see it.

    in the near future I'd expect to see 2 versions of the iPod touch A game model, as we saw from the recent press conference and then a "close to iPhone" model. Jobs is quoted as saying they were looking to cut cost of the iPod touch by not including the camera this would help them get market share...
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    Laptop For college suggestions!

    Hey all. I am graduating from High School on Friday and I am ready to start looking into getting my supplies for college. Like most college goers I am going to get a laptop Does anyone have a suggestion for a college laptop? It does not need to be super amazing because I have a desktop for...
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    who here still has their 100 iPhone credit?

    If not what did you spend it on? I have 50 bucks on it left+ the 199.99 gift card I won from a contest here. I am ready to get back in the iPhone game. I am currently on Verizon but I am more than willing to make the switch and be on my own plan. I knew I kept that for something :) 250...
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    Can the 3G Be used without SIM?

    Not to make calls and that but as a sexy ipod touch? My Original iPhone works without ATT service will the 3g do the same? If not is there an alternative to hack it so I can?
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    Once you go black You never go back

    :wink: That is referring to iPhone 3g of course. Which color did you get?
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    How do leaked 2.0 users get Official 2.0

    EARLY ADOPTERS! IF you installed the 2.0 from yesterday I suggest that you get the Official 2.0 FW Save it to your desktop or somewhere you will be able to find it. Open iTunes Click iPhone Tab SHIFT+RESTORE Select the above FW you just downloaded Enjoy EDIT: Some people can not get...
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    For those who downloaded 2.0

    Was there much thought into doing it? It may seem like a simple question but I would like to bring up another piece of technology that many of us have probably seen/heard of. PlayStationPortable "PSP" I myself bought one the day it came out FW 1.5 The advantage of being an early adopter was...
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    Fast And Free Giveaway

    I was gone at Field Training when this bad boy arrived. Thank you again for the Gift Card. It will go to good use.
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    Dummy phone parts? I just saw this online. Do you guys thing it is possible to harvest non internal parts from this phone? The case, screen etc.? I have never seen one of these in person so I don't know if the material is the same.
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    WOOT:Speck SeeThru iPhone Case 4 for $3.99 ONE DAY.

    Hey Everyone. For those of you that don't know " is an online store and community that focuses on selling cool stuff cheap" That came right off their site. Everyday there is a different item for sale. This keeps the prices low. Some times they are used/refurbs/etc. Today I spotted The...
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    Just throwing this idea out there. iP Repair reciving iP2 Maybe?

    This just sort of popped into my head. With Apple trying to get rid of its First Gen iPhones they are bound to run out eventually correct? They are no longer making them, that's my guess anyway. People send theirs in but usually get someone elses back. So What if come next may or early june...
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    My plan, Current iPhone

    **SPOILER ALERT**So apparently there is this new iPhone being announced :mad: Lol, With that out of the way let me be the first to say that I love my phone. I waited in line on iDay and was the first person I knew to have one(I still see very few iPhones around) Well in March my iPhone cracked...
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    LG "VU" Looks a little bit like a phone we Know.*On AT&T* What are your thoughts on this one? Why would ATT do this?
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    Thinking about investing in Stock

    Unbiased opinions please. What do you think I should buy? Apple is at 143.01 right now which is pretty low I think but I'm not sure when to buy and what not. Experienced users help me out! Thankyou
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    Failed iPhone suicide attempt

    So I was walking the other day and my iPhone jumped out of my pocket. I didn't expect my own iPhone to want to end its life. Luckily it didn't succeed and all that happened was a crack to the screen. I'm debating what to do now, I was thinking about putting one of those invisible films on the...
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    COMMUNITY, I need your help.

    I haven't been around much lately but for those who have been here know that I have contributed a lot here. I was just trying to update to 1.1.3 Jailbreakable And now I'm having some trouble. All that shows up is PLEASE CONNECT TO iTunes with a yellow triangle. I had F/W 1.0.2 So I knew I...
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    SDK Release question

    I have a question about the SDK, I hear that it is coming out in FEB. Does this mean that developers will get it in FEB? or we should start seeing programs in FEB? If they are just getting it would it be safe to say we will not see any Native(Apple Approved) Applications for a few months?
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    Top speaker not working. (Main Speaker)

    The speaker above my screen no longer works. I cant hear anything and no one can hear me when I have that means selected. However if it is on Speaker phone or if I have my headset in then I can hear who I am calling and they can hear me. Any Ideas? I was gonna restore but I don't want to...
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    Leopard on the PC.

    BUY LEOPARD. WE DON'T CONDONE PIRACY. CONTINUE STEPS WITH A PURCHASED VERSION. Here are the things that you will need before Install Leopard on your PC… The Patched DVD Image The zip file containing the patch...
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    Defective iPhone? Sucks to be you

    If you purchased your iPhone between June 29, 2007 and August 21, 2007, you are eligible for $100 Apple Store Credit Not Eligible for Store Credit (1) iPhones purchased from August 22, 2007 through September 4, 2007 since they qualify for price protection. (2) iPhones that have been returned to...