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  1. BoDEAN

    Relocate iTunes Library on my NAS - How?

    Right now, All my music is in /mp3 on my synology nas. I have Itunes on my pc organize all my music. However, I recently got a bose soundbar, and found that to play my music, it needs to be in the default /music folder on the nas to be seen and played. What is the easiest way to move my...
  2. BoDEAN

    How to add purchased songs to iCloud?

    I just bought an album on iTunes. It says purchased in my library, but it is not on the cloud so I can get it on my iPhone. How do I add it to the icloud for iTunes match?
  3. BoDEAN

    iTunes match? Best way to setup and utilize?

    I has an iPhone and iPad. I spent a lot of time on planes with no wifi access. What would be the best way to use iTunes match? Should I not enable it on the phone, and just manually add songs in iTunes from my music library? The iPad I use in hotel rooms with wifi. Right now I enabled match...
  4. BoDEAN

    iTunes question -- \Music\iTunes\Mobile Applications too big?

    I've noticed that my \Music\iTunes\Mobile Applications folder is 10 gig on my C drive. I installed iTunes to my D drive, so not sure why it is putting stuff on my C drive. I am limited space. Any ideas why iTunes does this, and if I can move the folder location? Also, what is this folder for? I...
  5. BoDEAN

    iOS 5 GM installation question

    Running a VZW iPhone 4, JB'ed with 4.2.8 Two questions. I read somewhere this quote..."Note that only Factory Unlocked users should restore to iOS 5 GM. Otherwise, you will lose the unlock forever. " Can someone explain what that is? Not sure if I am affected by that. the correct...
  6. BoDEAN

    SBSettings on iOS 5 GM

    Put SBSettings on ios5 GM on my ipad, now all my icons on my screens are spaced out wide. Any idea how to fix this? Not sure why this happens with SBSettings Also when I open any app (cydia, safari, etc) I get a small window in the top right corner, instead of full screen.
  7. BoDEAN

    Sn0wbreeze or Redsn0w ?

    Okay jailbreakers. Which jailbreak do you prefer? Sn0wbreeze or Redsn0w. Is there a general consensus on which one is better? Thanks.
  8. BoDEAN

    How do I backup my saved games prior to restoring?

    Want to put iOS5 on the ipad, but I don't want to loose my saved games on my ipad (ie angry birds, madden 12, etc). How can I ensure these saves are kept even after I wipe/restore the JB iOS 5?
  9. BoDEAN

    What to expect on 10/4 with regards to iOS5?

    With tomorrow being 10/4, I highly doubt we will see a JB version of IOS 5 released along side of Apples release. So I am assuming a lot of people will hold off til they get a thethered JB version. But from what I'm reading, its due to be released from Apple tomorrow? Or just announced?
  10. BoDEAN

    NFL on iPhone

    With VZW and had a droid last year. Enjoyed the NFL app by VZW with audio radio of the games, and redzone. This year it's 10/month. Any alternatives to watch or listen to games?
  11. BoDEAN

    MMS option when sending a picture via text message?

    My buddy has an iPhone on ATT and when he takes a picture he can send the picture via MMS text message. Me being on VZW d not have this option. Instead I send a link to someone. Any way around this? Use bitesms and have Camera+ app but neither allow me to send a pic via mms
  12. BoDEAN

    Gmail push apps?

    Using Push Gmail, buggy and doesn't work well. Any recommendations to push my gmail on my iPhone?
  13. BoDEAN

    iTunes 10.5 ... any comments from those running?

    Any comments from users running 10.5 (maybe on Windows 7 x64)? Curious how it is running, and whats new.
  14. BoDEAN

    JB VZW 4.2.7 to 4.2.8 - Not a valid IPSW

    I've downloaded this IPSW 5 times, from 5 different sites. Using latest sn0wbreeze, 2.7.3. I keep getting Not a valid IPSW. Any ideas?
  15. BoDEAN

    App for listing AM radio stations?

    I am on the road a lot and am looking for an app that has a lsit of AM radio stations around the US. Primary purpose is for finding stations like ESPN, etc, to listen to sport/playoff games.
  16. BoDEAN

    Weather app that gives your weather based on location?

    Tried weather bug and TWC and both, I have to manually enter my location. I travel a lot and would like it to use my gps, and give me the weather where I am at automatically.
  17. BoDEAN

    Sending pics to Facebook?

    Coming from Android phone, I'm confused on how to accomplish these two tasks. 1. After taking a pic on iPhone4 sending it to Facebook. Do I need to open Facebook? On droid, took pic, hit share, and Facebook and it uploaded. 2. Take a pic from my pictures on Facebook, and make it my lock...
  18. BoDEAN

    Google voice apps

    Any recommendation onnwhich to use? JB here, and would like option to dial out with my cell or gv number.