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  1. TrippalHealicks

    Anyone remember me?

    I was a major poster here, before the iPhone initial launch in '07. Kinda lost touch after that. (too busy playing with my iPhone). Well, got my 3G iPhone today. G*d d*mn, this thing is amazing. That is all. Thanks. lol
  2. TrippalHealicks

    Just found something neat with the earphone clicker..

    I dunno if anyone else knows this or has posted it...searched, didn't find anything. If you "double-click" the earphone button while playing music in the iPod, it will actually skip forward a track. Neat. :)
  3. TrippalHealicks

    Modding home screen icons voids warranty?

    Hopefully this is the right place to ask this... Does modding your icons on the home screen void the warranty on the phone? I never even knew this could be done, until today. But, now that I've seen what you guys have done, I really want to go home and try it out. But, if it means my warranty...
  4. TrippalHealicks

    Just found something new.....probably old

    Ok, I searched for "two fingers", didn't find any other threads about this. This is probably elementary to some of you, but I just found it. If you have a field full of text (in Safari) that you want to scroll down through, independent of the page moving, you can actually put 2 fingers on the...
  5. TrippalHealicks

    Dead pixel repair service update!

    Got my brand new replacement iPhone, yesterday. Completely free of charge. (no 29.99$ charge for temp. phone, just yet) Even with Apple service department documentation, detailing that the repair costs were “at Apple’s expense”. 3 businesss days, not one minute without a brand new 8-gig...
  6. TrippalHealicks

    Senseless shipping silliness

    So, I ordered a 10$ headphone adapter for the iPhone from the Apple store, and it was supposed to be delivered today. I noticed a couple days ago that it said on the tracking page that it was a "signature required" shipment. For a 10$ adapter! So, I affixed the print-out page they provided...
  7. TrippalHealicks

    Just found another bug.

    Dunno if anyone's found or reported this one yet, but here goes. If listening to the iPod, and you're browsing a site in Safari, and do some zooming with the pinch ability, it will just randomly crash the iPod. Man, for a be-all smartphone / ipod, it surely doesn't like to do these things...
  8. TrippalHealicks

    I need to buy a case, I think..

    ok, guys.....i'm reading more and more horror stories about ppl dropping and breaking their phones. How can i avoid this? What's the best case you've seen? "BEST" to me = sleek, discreet, not big, doesn't make the phone hard to put in your pocket, or get out. Maybe a case that's like a thin...
  9. TrippalHealicks

    Reproducable bug.

    Sometimes when u lock your phone, and u have to slide to answer an incoming call, the call will not go through, every time. Im not sure what denotes whether or not you'll have to slide to answer or just press answer, but everytime I have to slide, the call doesn't come through. The callers...
  10. TrippalHealicks

    Awesome video encoding software

    I've had this program for a while. Used to use it to make videos for my iPod. Well, I'm using it right now, to actually rip a DVD straight to H264 video format. (Which is a bad-ass format, btw) It can pretty much encode FROM ANY video codec to a lot of other types. Including MOV, MP4 (H264)...
  11. TrippalHealicks

    Can the phone "develop" dead pixels?

    Is it possible for the phone to develop dead pixels, later on? I seem to have one on my screen, right about where the weather app is, on the main screen. SIGH I got the phone on day 1, at an AT&T store, 'cause that's all that's around here. What are my chances, and should I even worry about it?
  12. TrippalHealicks

    Can you use a Bluetooth earpiece as headphones?

    Posted this earlier in another thread, no answer. Anyone?
  13. TrippalHealicks

    My BUG complaint.

    Ok, I love this phone. I'm even willing to overlook the few "shortcomings" it has, out of pure love for it's design. I do have ONE complaint that is hopefully addressed, in a future update. When the phone is docked, you can not hit answer on an incoming call and switch to speaker phone. You...
  14. TrippalHealicks

    Anyone tried charging with the AC block thingy?

    Anyone tried charging the phone with the included AC adapter block thingy? I'm assuming it's faster than the dock? (which takes forever and a day) :2cool:
  15. TrippalHealicks

    POP3. "Delete from server" option

    Anyone seen this under the "Advanced" options for any POP3 account? Specifically Gmail, in this case...? The option makes the mail client in the iPhone delete messages server-side when deleted from the inbox on the phone. My question is, is anyone else using this option, and have you...
  16. TrippalHealicks

    Transformers. Saw it last night.

    HATED IT. lol Michael Bay usually puts out some good stuff, but this movie was just corny. lol So many scenes I was asking myself WTF did this come from? Why is this even in the movie?
  17. TrippalHealicks

    Bluetooth Woes....

    Ok, so me and my boss were messing around with the bluetooth stuff, and we got his phone paired to mine, but it FAILS at sending anything to mine, and no other device EVER shows up on my bluetooth screen, after "Searching...." Does anyone else have this problem? Do your phones ever show any...
  18. TrippalHealicks

    Bluetooth File Transfer "Discussion" Thread

    You know what I thought about this morning? Bluetooth file transfer. It will probably never happen, for this phone. I’ll give you 1 good guess as to why. ;) /DISCUSS
  19. TrippalHealicks

    Battery drains quickly [1st generation iPhone]

    Is it just me, or does the battery seem to drain pretty quickly?
  20. TrippalHealicks

    Just locked my phone...HARD. lol

    Just locked it up, on the Sarari browser. Home key won't work, can't exit any other way.....seems to be locked hard into Safari. Anyone else run into this? I don't wanna do a factory reset...