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  1. RchGrav

    Free Space in on 1.1.1?

    There was much more program free space in in Installer on 1.02, more than 2 times! Anyway, I guess what I am wondering from everyone who has jailbreaked 1.1.1... WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM FREE SPACE YOU HAVE SEEN IN INSTALLER RUNNING ON 1.1.1? My maximum space achieved has been 61.1 mb... if you...
  2. RchGrav

    Jailbreak and installed AppTap on 1.1.1!

    Hi Everyone, I really need to run out to work, but I wanted to report my success following the instructions at I have (apptap), and ssh installed on 1.1.1, I haven't tried installing any apps yet to see what still works due to the new frameworks, but its...
  3. RchGrav

    The Power of the iPhone (Funny Video)

    Its on ebaumsworld, so watch it when your kids aren't around to make sure it isn't too inappropriate. Pretty Funny Though..... Enjoy.
  4. RchGrav

    Virginize an AT&T iPhone that used AnySIM.

    Hi, My iPhone was unlocked by AnySIM, the original one that showed up on AppTap and then disappeared. Anyway, I decided that I didn't want/need to be unlocked so I reflashed the BaseBand to relock the phone. (Following the instructions found at ) Then I...
  5. RchGrav

    Best Skins Ever / Screen Protector Poll

    Full Body Skin / Screen Protector / Touchscreen Failure Poll I'd like to hear from iPhone owners who have used the Best Skins Ever full body skin, or users who have had screen protectors on their iPhone. Have you experienced any touch screen problems or failures?
  6. RchGrav

    Touchscreen Issue.. have you had one also?

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to see if anyone else has had a touchscreen issue. Not the type of issue where the iPhone is slow to respond or could be fixed by a reset, but an actual issue where the iPhone has stopped responding to touch on some or all of the screen. I could not dial numbers 4, 5...
  7. RchGrav

    Worst Nightmare Came True!

    I dropped my iPhone on the concrete! It slipped out of my hands at about 5ft, but I dove for it.. the whole thing went in SLOOOOWWW MOTION.. and I was like... Noooooooooooooo..... and I caught it 1ft off the ground, but it still slipped out of my hands. It left a bunch of nicks and an...
  8. RchGrav

    HOLY MOLY, Jobs pulled an Oprah!

    Steve Jobs: Free iPhones for Apple employees Jobs pulls an Oprah -- $12M in iPhones for all Apple employees We imagine it went something like this: "Oh, and one more thing... a new iPhone for everyone." That's the result of the Apple town hall meeting which just let out. Let's see, a new 8GB...
  9. RchGrav

    Videos and pictures from the iPhone Lines

    If anyone has video clips or pictures of people waiting for an iPhone in line I invite you to post them here. It would be interesting to see how many people are in line and what is going on at different locations around the US. Here is one from NYC Apple Store, one of the few lines currently...
  10. RchGrav

    ABC News iPhone Hysteria Video. Pretty Funny

    It has the linewaiters at the NYC Apple store.
  11. RchGrav

    Sync w/ MAC and Windows?

    Ok.. I just thought of something... All of my iTunes stuff is on my Mac, but for my businesss I use Outlook 2007 on my XP machine, where I want to sync my calendar and contacts. I think I might have a problem doing this, but not sure because I haven't tried it yet. Can anyone add any...
  12. RchGrav

    everythingiPhone featured on G4TV

    everythingiPhone was listed as one of the top 4 hottest iPhone sites by "Attack of the Show". I expect a boost in users browsing the forums. Pretty Cool!
  13. RchGrav

    10% restocking fees / more SIM info

    Lets say for example you just want to buy and test out the iPhone just to see if you like it, then you decide that AT&T doesn’t work out or you just don’t like the phone. You ought to keep in mind that the return policy is going to be different for the iPhone. AT&T return policy normally gives...
  14. RchGrav

    AT&T Updating Employees via SMS

    Next Friday is iDay. And AT&T is "iReady" [sic]. Employees will receive daily iReady updates as iDay approaches. Sign up for SMS iPhone updates. Here is the link.
  15. RchGrav

    Giant iPhones spotted at Apple Stores

    In an attempt to be an answer to Microsoft's surface product, Apple has redesigned the iPhone to be much larger than originally expected. haha, just kidding. These store displays are apparently popping up at Apple stores around the country. Apparently they have a large vide display inside...
  16. RchGrav

    iPhone Smudge Spoof. Pretty Funny.

    What the commercials looked like before they were edited maybe?
  17. RchGrav

    Fake iPhone Alert!

    Check out this Fake iPhone. To all those regular joes claiming to be getting an iPhone early... Make sure you aren't buying this accidentally. The knockoff production lines are in high gear! I have a real iPhone! Can you believe it?
  18. RchGrav

    Just plain fun...

    It made me laugh so I had to share. Take a moment out of your continuous iPhone speculation and enjoy this. Gates Vs. Jobs. I think there may be a hint at a hidden feature in this video. Funny Funny stuff.... Jobs: FINDER... Finder: Yes my lord? Jobs: FIND BILL GATES AND DESTROY HIM!
  19. RchGrav

    This sums up the way I feel to a tee.

    Cartman waiting for the iPhone. I may have to freeze myself for 2 weeks.