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    Anyone know how to delete this because when you hit uninstall button it just is a reinstall button?
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    iFuntastic UI tones not working?

    I have been trying to replace my new-mail tone in ifuntastic with no success. I named it the same it just wont let me choose it or accept it when I try to add a file. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Slider Color in iFuntastic?

    Anyone know where to change the slider color in iFuntastic or how to change the message?
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    What about Incipio cases?

    Need some help...anyone experience this company, possibly this exact case?
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    iPhone case reviews

    I chose not to get a case because they didn't have the Speck holster I was looking for. If you do have a case post what you have and a quick review. I need something to protect this baby. Pictures and links are great too! This is the one I am waiting for...
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    Thousands of iPhones?

    Went to the local Apple store and a rep told me that they expected 3-5,000 people and had state police ready. I then headed to radio shack to get some things and the store rep there told me that she had spoken with some of the Apple reps and they said they would have more iPhones than 3-5,000...
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    iPhone for all!

    Went to the chat option on Apple's website...which by the way was my first time and is pretty cool...and asked some common questions. Nothing new but I did like the last response:laugh2: Here is how it went down...(I had to copy/paste so some areas are a bit weird) You are chatting with...
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    iPhone & Car Stereo

    Currently I have an Alpine car stereo that is connected directly to my ipod, allowing me to scroll through the ipod through the head unit. I would assume the iPhone could do the same?!?!? Any thoughts about car stereos and other products like this.
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    At&t Said Today....

    Went to pester the AT&T guys and they gave the hint that they may Not have any more iPhones if I try to come around 9 (they actually said they probably would NOT be staying open till 12) and that they were almost certain that they would have some Saturday morning and thereafter. Basically that...
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    2 Weeks To Go!!

    We are coming down to the wire. I think this week will be loaded with details and possibly someone can get their hands on this thing cause I am itchin fo some details!
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    How does registration work if I buy iPhone at Apple Store online?

    If I were to buy the iPhone @ how exactly would the registration process happen? (Credit info etc.) The main question is that if I leave the next day for ten days, and the iPhone comes in 3 would that cause any sort of registration process. Thanks
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    What Shall Be Leaked Next?

    Since the 6 p.m. debate is getting a little dry what do you think will be the next leak? iChat? Maybe 6:34 p.m. eastern time? My bet is for a new 2 year contract price of 399 for 8gb. Call me crazy....:tounge:
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    Here is the key to iPhone activation!

    To set up your iPhone, you'll need an account with Apple's iTunes Store. If you already have an iTunes account, make sure you know your account name and password. If you don't have an account, you should set one up now to save time later. To set up an account, launch iTunes, select the iTunes...
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    6 p.m. laugh?

    I just watched the keynote and especially the part with 6 p.m. and to me it is a joke. I believe there is no seriousness in it at all. Who says the exact time anyway. It will be out 29th in the morning!
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    Best iPod/iPhone headphones?

    I have been wondering and thought I would ask here but I am reall tempted at getting the v-moda vibe's. Any advice? Here is an image.
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    Soprano's Last Episode or iPhone suspense?

    I am really starting to think that this whole thing will end up like the last episode of Soprano's, me wondering what the hell just happened!?!?!? I really hope this thing goes smoothly!
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    Renting movies for iPhone?

    This would be awesome!
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    Pissed about no iChat?

    I would use iChat every single day on this thing, how can they not include of of mac's best features?!?!?!?
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    Flash support would be nice!

    I always look at cnn videos. This would be hot. I can see myself lounging watching the news stream from my iPhone!
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    Who Will Make The Perfect Case?

    Sorry Rob but I gotta go with Vaja...what do you guys think. Will Apple have anything sexy?