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    iHome2GO Writeup

    Bought one of these puppies and it required a little modification and fortification. Step 1: Buy one. Reg $59.99 at Best Buy Step 2: Cut out small square of foam to fit iPhone. It stock space will accommodate a video iPod. The iPhone is the same width just a little longer. A very small...
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    Hard Reset?

    Is there a hard reset for the phone? Mine just froze and nothing on the screen will work. I tried holding down the sleep button but nothing. I'll probably just take it to the Apple store if anything...
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    Which Movies to Import?

    I'm trying to find a movie to buy on iTunes that has to meet some criteria: 1. Something that you can turn on and just start watching anywhere in the movie (i.e. Jackass, 40 Year Old, Zoolander...) 2. A movie that you can watch over and over again and not get sick of. Movies are $10 each, i...
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    Amazing Website

    I just realized that this website could be great on the iPhone. It streams tons of current/non current shows and movies and has them at your finger tips. I don't know if it runs on flash but if it doesn't, then it would be interesting to see how this runs on an iPhone. Can't be any slower than...
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    First iPhone 3rd Party Web App

    Courtesy of Neven over at macrumors, this is a great little shopping list app. I posted this in another thread a while back, but it has now been certified through Apple and has had 350,000 hits so far. Only works in Safari: Edit: This has already been posted, but...
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    Syncing with Outlook 2007

    I am trying to fill out my address book for Outlook 07 so i can easily sync my iPhone. The iTunes help menu says you can sync your contacts and calendar with Outlook 2003. Are any of you using 07 with your ipods now? Any issues before i start this long task?
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    Camping in SoCal? Post Here

    Since camping seems to be the hot topic and we still have no word on internet preorders, i thought we could all list the Cingular or Apple store we would most likely camp at if necessary. Actually, im just bored but let's go with it. I will most likely be at any of these locations unless there...
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    Which Feature Sold You?

    Seeing that we have new members joining by the minute, we can get a bigger sample of the iPhone's most popular features. It was the web browser for me...
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    More iPhone Accessories Revealed