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  1. GailLA

    iPhone 7 Show us your iPhone 7/7+

    I was looking though my old pics and found one I took when my 5s was new and in it's Apple red leather case. I never had another leather case because I didn't like how it aged, but I digress. I already sold my 6, so I had to take these pics with my iPad Air 2 so they suck, but it's still fun...
  2. GailLA

    iPad 3G settlement

    Has anyone else gotten the email? I' did. I was afraid to click on anything in it, thinking it was just another spam or phish, but in the off chance it was real, I checked it out. So I googled and found the court document online with the website and the phone number. I actually cut and pasted...
  3. GailLA

    Compass Mobile Stand for iPad mini review

    I'm having trouble uploading pictures this morning, so no pics for now. I recently took a trip to New York City and checked out the awesome new Grand Central Store. While there I had a pleasant time looking at the accessories department. I had never noticed or heard of this product before. I...
  4. GailLA

    3G iPad Cellular Data Nags

    I got my iPad a week ago and I love it. However, I'm not traveling, have lousy 3G coverage here at home, and don't want to buy a data plan for a couple of weeks. I have the Cellular Data set to on (default). I had a few nags about setting up a Cellular Data Account a week ago. I didn't think...
  5. GailLA

    Manually Manage Music and Videos?

    First, apologies in advance if this has already been asked. I haven't found it if it has. The "Manually Manage Music and Videos" has appeared on the Summary tab in iTunes 7.6 under iPhone. I don't want to mess up my music and so don't want to try it before I find out how it works. I can't...
  6. GailLA

    Y.A.I.K (Yet Another iPhone Killer)

    I found this via the newsletter: