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    Fixed high-pitch sound?

    I have noticed that since the update I am not hearing the high pitched sound I used to hear after a lock or video capture. What about you guys?
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    How do I change the country of iTunes Store?

    Hey guys i know this isn't the right section for this but i need an answer. Iam looking at a macbook pro to buy and it takes me to the Apple site UK store automatically. how do i get it to be US?
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    Getting new comp what do I do?

    So my computer stopped working. Iam planning on buying an iMac. But when I sync my iPhone to the new comp. How do I stop it from deleting everything?!?
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    Can we share apps?

    Hey I was wondering can me and my (close) friends share apps that we bought from the app store or split them and download to both our accounts?
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    No more soft reset?

    I remember in old iPhones when you held the standby and home button until the phone shutoff and keep holding it till the phone restarted up. Does this not work with the 3gs?
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    Morphie Juice Pack Air?

    does anyone here have it? i am wondering if this is better than the incase power slider?
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    Microsoft Outlook Syncing help

    Hey guys i have my Calender, Contacts, and Notes syced with Micro Outlook. I am looking to get a new computer so i want to transfer everything to a external drive. How can i transfer all my outlook data to an outlook file so i can open it on another computer for when i set up iTunes on the new...
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    AT&T Experience was........

    AMAZING. seriously though all i did was pre ordered Wednesday of last week in the store. My friend works there and i pre ordered with him. I come in today at 7:10am they let everyone who pre-ordered only inside. there were 5-7 of us and they let us all in and all to a separate counter. 15+...
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    I have a 3G, i cant get the new one for $299?

    Okay so i have a 3G iPhone. i cant add 2 years more on my contract and get the iPhone 3gs for $299? i did this last year with my iPhone 2.0. i bought the 3g for $299 and they just added 2 years on my current contract and then i sold the 2g. Now iam hearing i cant do this with the 3gs?
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    Family has unlimited text plan, will this carry over to iPhone 3G?

    hey guys iam on a family plan with my dad and sisters, and i just upgraded to iPhone 3G from iPhone version 1. So i have the normal iPhone 3G plan the $30 one. My dad just added Unlimited texting for the family, will my iPhone 3G also get the texting? i asked the guy at the Apple store if i...
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    Unlocking my iPhone 1st Gen

    hey guys iam getting a iPhone 3g soon, and want to sell my 1st gen 8gb iPhone, before i sell i want to unlock it seeing as they sell for quite a bit more on ebay and such, can somone tell me whats the best method for unlocking iPhone and the safest also?
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    Steps for buying a 3G

    Hey guys just wondering what would be best for me to do first I just posted my 1st gen iPhone on craigslist and people want to buy it. If I sell it then I'll be without a phone. once I sell it do I have to cancel my iPhone service with ATT and then wait until I get 3G and then do the activation...
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    Why 1st gen and not 3G?

    hey guys just wondering why old 1st gen iPhones 8GB are going for $300 and new iPhone 3G 16GB new are $300? Why are people interested in the old iPhones? iam thinking about selling my 1st gen 8GB iPhone and getting the 16Gb 3G
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    All my apps crashing?

    well i synced my iPhone with my iTunes and since then all my third party apps i dled are crashing 1 second after launching, why?
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    upgrade to 2.0?

    hey guys haven't been here in a while. I still have the old iPhone version 1.02 and I have it modded I don't really mess around with it at all, I just use the stock apps so iam wondering with 2.0 should I just upgrade? Iam hearing about this app store are the apps free?
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    old iPhone trade in?

    i heard from someone that Apple will allow us to trade in old iPhones for the new ones by paying extra or something. is this true?
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    Need iPhone car help

    hey guys i just got a Mazda rx8 and it has no aux outlet so iam wondering how can I make my iPhone play through my speakers?
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    Original iPhone icons

    hey guys, i don't have a backup of the original factory icons that my iPhone came with, and i accidentally changed them to custom ones, anyone have the original ones?
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    iPhone cleaning cloth

    i lost my cleaning cloth, iam pretty angry anyone know where I can get another official iPhone one?
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    Should I update to 1.1.1?

    i got a question if i update to 1.1.1 will my custom ringtones from ibrickr still work? because i heard that when a lot of people updated to 1.1.1 they lost a lot of stuff, will all my apps and all my other stuff run the same? And will my ibrickr still work the same? and the ibrickr site says...