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  1. RHJS

    Revirginzer help?

    I bricked my iPhone because i used anysim + updated and i tried to use the revirginzer but its really confusing can someone help me? i tried following the directions but its weird how do i connect and etc(first steps for backing the...
  2. RHJS

    Dear EiP,

    I haven't been here in awhile but.. is it over? :frown::angry::frown::frown::frown::angry:
  3. RHJS

    LRG iPhone case

    whats the info on this case? is it being sold in Apple stores yet?
  4. RHJS

    Changing background on home screen

    Can someone tell me how to change my home screen background using iBrickr? thanks
  5. RHJS

    iBrick question

    Hey I just got iBrickr today and tried adding some ringtones but for some reason its taking really long? Its been at the transcoding step for about 15 minutes already. Any help? thanks
  6. RHJS

    Setting up a sbcglobal account

    sorry if this has been posted already but how do I set up a email on here?
  7. RHJS

    iPHone chat

    Why is it that when I log in my buddy list doesn't show everyone who is online?and it says that i can scroll through the list but it doesn't movie at all and the list sometimes overlaps the iPhone please
  8. RHJS

    Forum suggestion.

    I think there should be another section strictly for iPhone technical support or iPhone help since the whole first page is full of threads about people having trouble with their iPhones. What do you guys think of my idea? if you guys agree I'll try asking Chris to see if he would approve of...
  9. RHJS

    Uploading certain songs to iPhone

    I am trying to upload some of my 17gigs music library onto the iPhone. Since I cant upload all my music how do I upload the music that I want to upload? Thanks.
  10. RHJS

    Are you getting the 4gig or 8 gig?

    Are you getting the 4gig or 8 gig? Why? I myself am getting a 4 gig just because I think 4 gigs is enough for me.