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    this is a fun lil program to play with if you have a Windows Mobile device. it's just the scroll feature from iPhone...i'll play till iPhone arrives. just trying to help..:tounge:
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    cnbc news report

    i searched, sorry if it's been posted. i thought was cool...a lil news in our no news wait.
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    iPhone training manual images

    iPhone training manual images. you knew this would happen. you have to register to look at the photo's btw.
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    3 million iPhones at launch

    ok article but, i like the 3 million at luanch part. it may or may not be true, but it's sure sounds good.
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    Hands on Impressions

    i've seen a few of these and so i decided to share. Hands Impressions maybe we can start a list. official gmail support was great news for me.
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    iPhone training starts today?

    a post from the macforums "Well I do manage an AT&T store and here's what I know. All Cingular stores (at least in my region) will be getting the final rebranding to AT&T by June 20th. That means the large Cingular signs will be taken down and replaced to AT&T sometime between now and 6/20. My...
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    HTC Touch

    i think that the is the best compitition for the iPhone. im also glad there is something else out there, i think it helps spread the love so we ALL won't be carrying iPhones.
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    Preorder maybe?

    this is the second time(recently) i've seen talk of the preorder announcement on the 11th. the other was from this guy. man that would make the wait so much easier. keeping fingers crossed.
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    New iPhone images

    I don't know if you guys/gals have seen these or not, but here are some "new" iPhone images. here is the actual presentation done by michael jones, cto of google earth.
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    I'm sure many of you have read all of the "hands on" articles, but this one seemed cool, because he is a writer for Stuff Magazine. He claims that he went to and it loaded the homepage in its entirety. That website is loaded with flash content. I thought there was still a fuss over...