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  1. Ranged30

    3G Rumor Straight From the Apple Store

    I went to the Apple Store today to buy a new case and I had a Genius show me how to pull out the SIM, and when he did it says 3G on the Apple only SIM card! I mentioned this to the Genius (A 10 year veteran of Apple btw) and he smirked and stated yeah I can't really discuss that right now. I...
  2. Ranged30

    First In Line!

    Just got in line in Colorado Springs. It's gonna be a long 27 hours. Lol
  3. Ranged30

    Any Word On When iTunes Will Be Updated?

    Anything? I just tried to update my Macbook Pro and it says it is up to date.
  4. Ranged30

    I am SO ready for iDAY Now...

    Check out my iDay Shirt!
  5. Ranged30

    Update. How many you can buy. Enjoy!
  6. Ranged30

    Pogue's Review Video
  7. Ranged30

    Earliest Camping Time In All Locations?

    So what is the earliest you have heard of people camping? I plan on Noon on Thursday.
  8. Ranged30

    iPhone Tips

    not sure if everyone has seen this yet but I thought I would share just in case.
  9. Ranged30


    Anyone on here besides me been offered an interview for your local media? Someone from the Denver Post sent me a PM wanting to know if I was interested in being interviewed about the iPhone craze. I said sure, we'll see what happens.
  10. Ranged30

    What is the most exciting feature?

    As we wait for the release of what appears to be a revolutionary phone, I'm curious what what iPhone feature excites you the most?
  11. Ranged30

    Campers in Colorado Springs?

    If so what store and what time?
  12. Ranged30

    Campers in Colorado

    Anyone Camping in Denver or Colorado Springs?