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  1. GoldenAnkh

    iTunes asking for a lock code?

    EDIT: Never mind, I took out the SIM and I was unable to take care of this... I recently purchased a 3G and gave my sister my old v1 iPhone. She connected it to her computer a few moments ago and iTunes is giving her an error message saying something about being unable to connect because it...
  2. GoldenAnkh


    Hi, I am a new AT&T customer, and switched from Verizon after many years for the iPhone. My second billing cycle started today, so I was expecting some rollover minutes to be listed on my account summary, but there were none. I am assuming that this is because I started service around 9/10 and...
  3. GoldenAnkh

    Should I or shouldn't I?

    I am having a hard time decided whether to run out and get myself an iPhone, or patiently try and wait for the next version to be released. I tried the iPhone for the first time last night at my local Apple store, and somehow managed to tear myself away and leave without purchasing one. I am...