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  1. vice86

    Any good reasons to jailbreak an iPod?

    I have an iPod 6 on 9.0.2 i believe...any good reasons to jailbreak it? It's mainly used in my bedroom to run Sound Machine.
  2. vice86

    Can you upgrade manually if you downgraded manually?

    I've had an old iPhone 4 in my bedroom for years that I use as a sleep machine. Was upgraded to iOS 7 when it came out and it made the phone lag. Bored the other day I checked to see if you could downgrade it. Found an article on how to downgrade using iFaith to 6.1.3. Tried it, but the only...
  3. vice86

    What's the longest you've been off of eiC?

    Anyone happen to take a long break from eiC and come back? Joined in 2009 with my 3GS but then went to Android in 2012. Just got an iPod Touch 6 today and was looking up something and found this forum again. Saw my last visit was 4 years 19 weeks ago! Dang...March 2012. Time flies. Looking back...
  4. vice86

    "no wi-fi" there a fix?

    Woke up this morning to my wifi no on my iPhone 4...go to check if its on and I see its grayed out only showing "no wi-fi" is there even a fix for this? I went as far as restoring my phone and nothing. What's really annoying is that I spent almost $100 to have the cracked screen replaced by a...
  5. vice86

    iPhone 4 cracked glass questions

    Hi bro bought an OtterBox case for his iPhone he was about to put it on he decided to get something from the garage first...on his way to the garage he dropped his phone and cracked his Talk about crappy luck. Anyhoo...he was due for an upgrade and rather have...
  6. vice86

    Can you replace the digitizer screen only on an iPhone 4?

    My bro bought a new case, just as he was about to put on the new case he decided to go into the garage and get something first...on his way into the garage he dropped his iPhone 4 and cracked the screen. I told him just buy a digitizer screen off ebay...i bought an LCD for my 3GS and it was...
  7. vice86

    Darn Apple Logo boot loop

    Installed iOS 5 on my 3GS (new bootrom) last night...jailbroke with Redsnow this morning with no problems. Installed the latest beta for BiteSMS that's supposed to run fine on iOS 5. Hit the reboot button and now I'm stuck at the Apple logo and can't use the "just boot" opion in Redsnow. Anyone...
  8. vice86

    Spinning bars everytime I respring

    i wanted that fresh clean feeling so I restored my iPhone 3GS with 4.3.3. and jailbreakme'd it...after I jailbreaked it, anytime I respring the spinning bars stay on the screen until I slide my screen over a little bit...then it goes away. Any ideas? I haven't installed anything new from what I...
  9. vice86

    Will upgrading firmware get rid of Cydia and jailbreak?

    I got an iPad here at work which was on I decided to jailbreak it to see how easy it the boss has it back and I'm just waiting for her to ask "what's this cydia app on here that I can't get rid of" and then give me crap for f'ing with a work iPad...but whatever. If I tell...
  10. vice86

    Easiest way to JB a 3GS on 3.1.3?

    A friend wants to jailbreak her phone but she's on 3.1.3....she doesn't want tethered. Would work on her 3.1.3. phone or is there some other method of easily JB'ing it? tia!
  11. vice86

    Unlocks that cost money - Legit or scam?

    A guy on another forum I'm on is excited about a sim card that unlocks the iPhone 4 with the latest basebands...its like $70. Are these things legit? I'm sure if the iPhone dev team had a legit unlocker they'd release it for free as usual. I wanna tell this dude don't waste his money since it...
  12. vice86

    ToneFX having a problem on 4.2.1?

    I upgraded from iOS 4.01 to 4.2.1 this weekend and now ToneFX wont shuffle any Ringtones. It works perfectly fine with SMS tones but I have "shuffle ringtones" on but it defaults to the Marimba sound if someone calls. Playing Custom Ringtones through the normal Settings > Sounds > Ringtones...
  13. vice86

    "manualy manage music and videos"

    Ok, I clicked this option on my iTunes on my HOME computer and dragged playlists and music to me "Devices" section so I don't have to worry about syncing. I thought this also meant that I can drag music from other computers such as my WORK computer to my iPod without worrying about syncing. Well...
  14. vice86

    Why is iTunes deleting almost all my apps when i sync?

    I'm syncing tonight and its telling me "do you want to remove the 51 apps from you rphone?"...i hit NO and now all the apps in my apps list are unchecked and "automatically sync new apps" is unchecked and also all my playlists are now unchecked so its going to delete all the tracks off AND...
  15. vice86

    torrent app for iPhone?

    Do they have any torrrent apps that work for the iPhone? I tried two with no luck...Torrentula and another I can't remember the name. Would be great if there's somethign that will download a torrent file from whatever site and download the file.
  16. vice86

    I backed up my 4.2 shsh weeks ago...

    ..but still doesn't show up on Cydia as a saved back up along with the other SHSH files it shows I have saved with them. Is there a problem?
  17. vice86

    3GS not automatically changing to WiFi at home anymore

    My phone sees my home wifi network but it wont just change over to will stay at 3G. The only thing I did since it was working was unplug the modem/router to put in new TV cabinet. My router sits on top of my X360 on a shelf. Any ideas? I tried resetting network and "forget this...
  18. vice86

    Restore & Re-Jailbreak question

    This may be a dumb question but if I upgrade to 4.1 and use limerain or greenpoison and don't like it...I could easily downgrade back to 4.01 with tiny umbrella using my saved SHSH and use again right? LR and GP don't mess with the boot rom or anything that would prevent me from...
  19. vice86

    tiny umbrella qweshon

    Hi folks...i have my 4.01 SHSH backed up...have the file on my HDD and Cydia shows that I have it backed up. I want that fresh clean feeling and want to restore to 4.01. I run the TSS server, open iTunes and then hit shift + restore and select the 4.01 software I download...iTunes tells me I...
  20. vice86

    App Store displaying my real name now?

    Any of my reviews that I've written displayed my screen name..i reviewed a game today and I see it shows my real name on there...I know nothing will probably happen but rather NOT have my real name showing...anyone know how it changed to my billing name and how to change it back to my preferred...