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  1. thedwp

    Everybody currently waiting on a line chime in where you are and what place in line

    nashville lines arrived at 3a and 12th in line. it's 4a now and looks like there are 22ish
  2. thedwp

    Lines in Nashville

    well I arrived a little after 3am and there were already like 10 people in line, much more than last year.
  3. thedwp

    Glossy plastic back ?

    torn torn I can't decide either...I was et on white all the way until everyone started talking about the discoloring, etc...but the finger prints would drive me crazy. i guess i'll make a last sec decision once i get them in hand. btw-i'm a guy shame for the white one!
  4. thedwp

    White Or Black which will you choose

    So whats it going to be? I'm leaning white after seeing the finger prints all over the recent "unboxing"
  5. thedwp

    Anyone else get scammed by iflakjacket ?

    Warning! Scratches Has anyone read the warning they have that says it will scratch your iPhone?/ Did it scratch yours? Here's the quote from their site: WARNING: Insertion and removal of your iPhone into your FlakJacket 100% Carbon Fiber protective case will cause scuffing and potentially...
  6. thedwp

    1.1.2 link

    it took mine about 7-10 mins to fully extract and restore
  7. thedwp

    1.1.2 Installed and Running

    i can't really see anything new except a battery icon in iTunes, and the international keyboard
  8. thedwp

    1.1.2 link

    in iTunes, option-click on the restore button, it'll ask you to find the file and iTunes will do the rest
  9. thedwp

    1.1.2 link

    Here's a link for the update incase it's not reached you Apple has posted the download links to the iPhone 1.1.2 firmware and can be downloaded direct: iPhone1,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore.ipsw
  10. thedwp

    Interesting iPhone problem today

    I went ot make a call this morning and I could see the call going through but couldn't hear anything. So I ran to the Apple store to get a new phone because I was missing businesss calls so I needed a new phone. So I tell the Apple "genius" whats going on..that my phone stopped working this...
  11. thedwp

    Return to the iPhone

  12. thedwp

    Return to the iPhone

    It's been a while since I've posted here but I thought I'd get back in the mix with my experience. I've been a die hard Apple guy forever. I was 3rd in line on i-day waited 13hours and I was so pumped. I had a blackberry before the iPhone and we all know how great the BB email works. So as I...
  13. thedwp

    Anyone besides me possibly giving up iPhone?

    I posted a thread about this very thing. I gave up my iPhone and went back to the blackberry. I am a HARDCORE mac loyalist...I was 3rd in line on iPhone day, waited 13 hours...but at the end of the day I got tired of the sluggish email. Don't get me soon as a new version iPhone 2 or...
  14. thedwp

    Quiting iPhone, I feel dirty

    Well, I have taken all I can take...I'm leaving my iPhone. Going back to my X the Blackberry Curve. It all boiled down to email functionality. I am hard-core Apple all the way, my friends can attest to that but when I'm in a pinch and away from a wifi connection my whole businesss world depends...
  15. thedwp

    Anyone Give Up and Go Back to Blackberry?

    Yeah I know BB runs on EDGE, but with the "real" push technology I'm not sitting there watching the phone spin and spin and spin waiting for emails to come in.
  16. thedwp

    Anyone Give Up and Go Back to Blackberry?

    I was JUST getting ready to post this same comment....I've been really trying hard to keep justifying the iPhone but i've found myself getting more and more frustrated every day. Especially when I'm traveling...the EDGE network SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS.....I never know if I'm missing emails...if I...
  17. thedwp

    iPhoto '08 Web Gallery from iPhone?

    I was afraid of that. Ugh...another $79
  18. thedwp

    iPhoto '08 Web Gallery from iPhone?

    I keep getting an error saying none of my .mac accounts have been configured for posting from mobile devices. That I must first enable this feature on the .mac website. Do we have to have iLife 08' for this to work? Anyone else experiencing this?
  19. thedwp

    Apple Bluetooth Headset Discussion

    So today was the first real day with the Apple BT Headset. I have to say, out of all the BT headsets I've owned, and believe me I've owned plenty. This one is a keeper. Mind you, all BT headsets have their probs and this one is no exception. But overall, sound quality is good, ranged is good...
  20. thedwp

    Jabra EarGels + iPhone Bluetooth = Heaven!

    GREAT idea! I was getting a little discouraged with my Apple BT headset, it was slipping out of my ear...I am gonna get these tomorrow!