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  1. sorbet

    Import Facebook profile pics into contacts?

    Is there a way to just important the profile pics (and only the pictures) into my contacts? The only way I know of is to sync the Facebook contacts into my contacts, but then I get a ton of extra contacts and that's annoying to me.
  2. sorbet

    Blackberry or Droid notification sounds?

    Is there anyway to get Blackberry or Droid notification sounds onto my iPhone to use for text and email sounds? I really loved the Blackberry sounds.. lol
  3. sorbet

    How to clean a rubber case?

    I have an Incipio NGP case that has gotten filthy in the past month or so. It's probably a combination of where I work, plus I constantly shove my phone in my back jean pockets, so the denim dye has transferred to the pink color and makes it look...bruised haha. Any suggestions on how to clean...
  4. sorbet

    Does draining the battery help?

    My battery lasts a full day no problem, and when I plug it in at night it's usually around 40% or so. Someone at the Apple store told me before that it helps to let the battery drain itself once or twice a month, and then let it recharge fully and carry on as normal. But whenever I do that, it...
  5. sorbet

    Frozen screen on words with friends.

    I had the free version but it kept freezing, and I thought maybe the ads were screwing with it, so I paid the $3 for the paid version. Now whenever I pull a game up, I'm able to make move, it sends it and updates my pieces/letters but then the screen completely freezes! When I hit the home...
  6. sorbet

    Recipe apps?

    I'm looking for an app where I can plug in 5 items I have on hand, and it'll shoot out a recipe or 2 with those ingredients. Does anyone know of one?
  7. sorbet

    Message notification while on phone.

    Whenever I have my ringer on and I'm physically talking on the phone and I get a text/iMessage, it makes the notification sound and vibrates and makes it look like I'm talking to no one lol. Is there anyway to make it not make a sound if I'm talking on the phone?
  8. sorbet

    iPhone 4 screen protector for 4S?

    Can they be used? The 4S has that little piece above the speaker that the 4 doesn't, but I'm not sure what it does.
  9. sorbet

    Do you have another non-iPhone phone?

    If so, what kind? I have a HTC Rezound as my work phone. Those Beats headphones work great with my iPhone ;)