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  1. iJohn

    From the Front Lines

    Got to my local Apple Store at around 11AM. I had called ahead and the person I talked to said there were "about 50" people in line and that if I was going to come, it should be sooner than later. I rushed down here and when I did, there were only about 12 people in line. Right now, there's...
  2. iJohn

    What time will people start lining up for iPad?

    I'm trying to get a vibe for what time people are going to be lining up at Apple Stores for the iPad 2 tomorrow. I called Apple, which "surprisingly" had no information about stock numbers but did say they "expect people to be lining up all day". I'm a big fanboy, but I also don't really want to...
  3. iJohn

    iOS 4 is Out... Will You Update?

    So, Apple just released iOS 4. My iTunes got all excited and popped up with a message asking me to download and install it. But then I thought about it, minus the few new hardware modifications on the new iPhone, the excitement will really be how it mixes with the software. So since the new...
  4. iJohn

    Reserve an iPad for In-Store Pickup

    Hey guys, not sure if there is a thread about this already - did a search and couldn't seem to find what I was looking for. At any rate, I decided to chance it and reserve an iPad for in-store pickup as opposed to pre-ordering it. I live in a dorm and the mail is so annoying so even if it was...
  5. iJohn

    Apple's iPad Case

    I noticed recently that the shipping date for Apple's iPad case dropped from "Delivers by April 3rd" to "Mid April". Do you think that they will be stocking some in the retail stores on the day of the release or do you think I should just try my luck elsewhere :/
  6. iJohn

    Trouble with .Mac

    Hey, Has/Is anyone having unusual trouble with .Mac the past 2 days. For some reason, all day I was able to receive mail from my .mac account as well as others but when trying to send messages, I got a popup saying "The recipient was rejected by the server" and "Message was placed in your...
  7. iJohn

    AppleCare for iPhone disclaimer

    So as I was reading the page in the support area about the iPhone AppleCare plan, I noticed this in big letters. Special Instructions for Residents of Alabama, Connecticut, Nevada, and Wyoming Apple is not authorized to sell the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone to residents of...
  8. iJohn

    conflict resolver

    so today when syncing my iPhone i noticed something ive never seen. when i plugged it in, a pop up said "You have 1 new conflict" and gave me the option to view now or view later. When i viewed it, it asked me to select which version of an iCal event was correct and was very easy to pick whether...
  9. iJohn

    Phone Turns on when plugged in

    So, I noticed whenever I plug my phone in to charge after I have already turned it off, it turns back on. Is this a bug? or just a design element? It was plugged in to a power source only.
  10. iJohn

    Have you let others see it?

    So since I got my iPhone, a lot of the people I work with every day have been asking to see it. Only a few of my closest friends have actually gotten to "play" for a few minutes though. How about you?
  11. iJohn

    Weird (Or Not So Weird) Battery Thing...

    Not to jinx myself because for some reason with every Apple product people have had trouble with (i.e. Macbook, iPhone), I haven;t really had a lot of trouble. One thing I noticed was a few people talking about Battery issues. So my battery was staying with the lightning rod for a really...
  12. iJohn

    from my iPhone

    hey guys The keyboard is not as bad as the reviews made it seem Good luck
  13. iJohn

    iTunes 7.3 Released!

    With iTunes 7.3, you can now activate iPhone service and sync it with your music, TV shows, movies and more. Also, you can now wirelessly share and enjoy your favorite digital photos from any computer in your home with Apple TV.
  14. iJohn

    "Finger Tips" Added to iPhone Page on Apple

    In place of the iPhone commercials are a few quick tips for things like deleting a message, emailing, etc. Looks cool.Nothing new though.
  15. iJohn

    "In-Line" Thread

    Hey, I've seen a lot of posts about people getting on line. Post where you are, how many people are in line with you, etc. This could be interesting. Good luck everyone.
  16. iJohn

    New AT&T Store....AWESOME!

    So this is a great story. Yesterday I was driving home from my job with my mom. Now my mom has worked out in this area for a while, but I haven't. So we decided to get some take-out really quick and after we did my mom turned out a different street that she hadn't been on. So we end up...
  17. iJohn

    Good luck to the line waiters!

    Hey Guys, Good luck waiting on those lines, hope the weather holds up and you get your hands on the gold :D I will be going to the stores at around 6 to see what its like. I'm going to wing it because unfortunately I cant be at the store all day because of my job :(
  18. iJohn

    Apple Releases iPhone Activation Video

    Just saw it on the Apple site. It shows how to activate your iPhone.
  19. iJohn

    Apple Education Store Online discount on the education store for the iPhone right? Probably a stupid question.
  20. iJohn

    AT&T Owned & Operated...

    Hey, I did a search on to find a AT&T store near me. Now the only one that showed up was a store in a town closeby called GET CONNECTED. Now it lists the store as the one to go to for: |Equipment Upgrade|GoPhone Refills|Prepaid - Equipment but is there a way to narrow it...