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  1. thedwp

    Lines in Nashville

    well I arrived a little after 3am and there were already like 10 people in line, much more than last year.
  2. thedwp

    White Or Black which will you choose

    So whats it going to be? I'm leaning white after seeing the finger prints all over the recent "unboxing"
  3. thedwp

    1.1.2 link

    Here's a link for the update incase it's not reached you Apple has posted the download links to the iPhone 1.1.2 firmware and can be downloaded direct: iPhone1,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore.ipsw
  4. thedwp

    Interesting iPhone problem today

    I went ot make a call this morning and I could see the call going through but couldn't hear anything. So I ran to the Apple store to get a new phone because I was missing businesss calls so I needed a new phone. So I tell the Apple "genius" whats going on..that my phone stopped working this...
  5. thedwp

    Return to the iPhone

    It's been a while since I've posted here but I thought I'd get back in the mix with my experience. I've been a die hard Apple guy forever. I was 3rd in line on i-day waited 13hours and I was so pumped. I had a blackberry before the iPhone and we all know how great the BB email works. So as I...
  6. thedwp

    Quiting iPhone, I feel dirty

    Well, I have taken all I can take...I'm leaving my iPhone. Going back to my X the Blackberry Curve. It all boiled down to email functionality. I am hard-core Apple all the way, my friends can attest to that but when I'm in a pinch and away from a wifi connection my whole businesss world depends...
  7. thedwp

    More Failed Calls

    One thing I am noticing more and more are the frequent failed calls I'm getting with my iPhone. I came over from a BB8800 and I had an occasional failed call but I'm getting them several times per week. I LOVE the way the phone automatically gets you a screen to call back though. Anyone else...
  8. thedwp

    3G By November

    Despite all of the 3G rumors hat continue to be squashed they keep coming back:,3045178136
  9. thedwp

    My Clear Protection Solution

    After much research and careful consideration I have FINALLY decided on a protection plan for my phone. For the screen I chose the Chrystal cover from has the smoothest feel, the closest to the real screen and it was SOOOO easy to install. And for the back and sides I went with...
  10. thedwp

    more hype...potter or iPhone?

    so who got more hype potter day or iday? It made me think back to 6/29...I was 3rd in line at the Apple store in Nashville, waited 13 hours? Do you remember where you were in line?
  11. thedwp

    WUT is up with this Apple BT Headset delay?

    I ordered mine a few days ago and they are saying it's not even going to ship until late august! What the heck is taking so long getting this thing to market? I mean if they can get something as cool as the iPhone out can they not get a little BT headset out as well?
  12. thedwp

    Visual VM & Bluetooth headsets

    While I'm waiting on my Apple BT headset to arrive, I have a Jawone. When I listen to a visual VM it doesn't trigger the I an idiot or is this some kind of stupid glitch?
  13. thedwp

    Anybody see an Apple BT Headset?

    I just talked to an Apple sales person and he was saying that some people have actually received their Apple this BS or has anyone seen or heard of anyone having one?
  14. thedwp

    INCASE Stretching Problems-Resolved

    For those of you who bought the protective shield from Incase and it has stretched out...go to and at the bottom they have a warranty link...fill out a claim and within 24 hours they will send you an RA number. They will replace your case free of charge. I spoke with Incase...
  15. thedwp

    APPLE Bluetooth Arrival?

    has anyone actually gotten their hands on the Apple BT headset? I went to my Apple store tonight and asked and they couldn't even tell me. So I broke down and bought a Jawbone. Has anyone seen one in the wild yet?
  16. thedwp

    iPhone data plans..text package removal

    Has anyone else tried to remove your texting package from the iPhone data bundle and add an unlimited family text package for $29.99? I saw where one guy did, but I really need to do this and just wondered if anyone else was successful.
  17. thedwp

    iPhone in a BLENDER..will it blend?

    This is so bad but notice how long the iPhone stays on as it's being blended...pretty impressive.
  18. thedwp

    Unpredictable Menus

    For the most part my iPhone has been extremely stable...but recently I've noticed that when I end a phone call or exit out of a program that it randomly goes to another menu or goes to sleep or just dims. Has anyone else noticed this? So far knock on wood, I've had one of the good ones, I hope...
  19. thedwp

    Firmware upgrade to awaken 3G in iPhone?

    Could it be? In his weekly column, I, Cringely, Robert Cringely suspects that Apple has already built 3G technology into today's shipping iPhone. It is very likely that a firmware upgrade will awaken the 3G capabilities within all of today's iPhones. AT&T's 3G uses a technology called HSDPA...
  20. thedwp

    missing ring tones

    Anyone else notice that the ring tones in the iPhone commercials are no where to be found in the actual iPhone?