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    Can I use a 3G iPhone activated by someone else on my FamilyPlan?

    Hi, AT&T is telling me I'm ineligible for an upgrade on my FamilyPlan line because I got a discounted Tilt 3 months ago. (I got the Tilt when I broke my iPhone). HOWEVER, other folks on my FamilyPlan ARE eligible for $199 3g iPhone pricing. If one of the other folks on my FamilyPlan upgrade...
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    Any new news on adding iPhone to business accounts?

    any updated info on when AT&T will let us add the iPhone to accounts that are billed directly to companies (ie-list a company, and not a person, as the account owner.) i'm interested in upgrading my existing phone to an iPhone, but also the ability to add a new line of service with an iPhone...
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    Starbucks anyone?

    Hi, Has anyone here connected their iPhone at a Starbucks? It seems to connect to the t-mobile hotspot, but i'm unable to reach any internet sites. just wondering if there is anything else i need to do. i have a t-mobile hotspot account...
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    What happens if you don't pass the credit check?

    Hi, What happens if you don't pass the credit check when you log into iTunes and attempt to activate the phone? Do you have any options to use the iPhone? thx.
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    Anyone else here on an AT&T corporate account?

    Can businesss customers order the iPhone? Hi, I work for a small company and I have a cell phone through work. They have agreed to replace my current phone with an iPhone. However, I've read rumors that the iPhone won't be sold to businesss accounts! Does anyone have confirmation one way or...