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    Purchased iPhone 5c that is password protected

    I made a rookie mistake and wanted to know if this could be a solution? I bought a phone from a guy who said he was going to remove the iCloud block on his phone with his password. He was a friend and ended up not doing it and also not responding to any of my messages and contacts.,..its been 2...
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    iPhone 4S on iOS 7...shutter and cam not working

    my sister has an iPhone 4S and the camera does not fully function.... here are the issues when she opens the camera the shutter opens and displays perfectly fine so you can take a picture however. once i press the shutter button the camera goes black and does not record the picture and then...
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    Will I be able to downgrade iPhone 5 to iOS 6.1.2 and re-jailbreak?

    so i was with my daughter and we got caught in a torrential downpour and my phone got too wet. i got a new one today at Apple...however it is running 6.1.4 i had used cydia and saved all my blobs... will i be able to downgrade to 6.1.2 and re-jailbreak?
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    How to remove twitter from notification center

    I don't use Twitter, so when I open my notification center, I don't want to see an option to tweet. How do I remove Tap to Tweet from the Notification center?
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    after 6.1 jailbreak unlock for AT&T iPhone 5

    so i have an iPhone 5 im trying to use on T-Mobile. I have it and now need to setup on TMBOILE with an unlock.. whats the best way to do this? can i unlock through Cydia once I complete jb? Thanks,
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    iTunes wants to to get rid or why is this?

    please see pic..when i sync my wants to replace seems to want to do this all the if i manuallly download vs download through iTunes pc i cant do both? please explain if possible...just want to better understand thank you
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    my LCD went but it looks like my HDD still works...what to do

    I need major help fast regarding how to get my hard drive info on my other laptop or tv screen so as i was flying home today my work computer screen seems to be the sccreen because i see activity on the hard drive as she loads and the screen just goes im figuring the LCD...
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    iPhone tether to iPad

    Okay so I pay AT&T for a tethering plan. When I turn my tether on, it says it cannot connect (the iPad will not connect). I've tried to forget network and then re-see the hot spot...and still can't connect. Does anyone have any ideas? I can't use safari, facetime or the likes? Any...
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    Program to transfer single MP3s over Internet connection

    Is there a way that my sister and I can transfer tracks that we own through a service kind of like how you could do it with AIM? is there an app or program for windows/mac that we can transfer single files or RAR files or ZIP file? if so do you know what it is? Thanks in advance. Mark
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    What are icon file names in ios

    Check out this pic. I have a theme enabled. But my mail and iPod have stock icons Does anyone know what the 4S calls these. I used to use these on my 4. Trying to organize properly. I guess it's not mail.png or iPod.png. Any idea?
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    MacBook Pro girl needs a printer....

    guys, my girl has a MBP and i wanna get her the easiest printer and setup for her... if possible the printer, scanner, copier type.. any ideas? TIA
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    can someone help change the backgroun on this pic

    hi, i need this pic changed for my work get rid of the crap in the background and just put somethign up bland like a white or tan background. does anyone know how to do this? can anyone do it and re-up it, i just don't have the skills to do this?!? thanks for any help!
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    Did a restore and forgot to get some pics ...question here...

    hey so i did a restore so i could set the phone up as new and i synced my email, notes bookmarks etc to the computer and then restored and re-set up my phone.. i forgot to manually save the photos but they were backed up inot a previous version of the ipihone backup.. is ther a way to...
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    Question about 5.0.1 and 5.1 update for iPad 2

    Question so I have the iPad 2 on 4.3 I wanted to wait until the untethered jb came out or it but5.1 is coming out soon. I guess I could go without the jb for a little but prefer not to. If I don't update to 5.1 will I be able to load 5.0.1 on there an jb on that even with 5.1 bejng the only...
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    Just got new iPhone 4s after previous one failed question about Apps tho...

    so i just got a new iPhone 4s as mine needed to be replaced due to a failed speaker however i bought an app for $15 a month ago and now its not allowed in the App Store anymore (Tether) app that was released is there a way i can get this app back considering I paid for it?
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    Want the date shown in my pictures. How

    I just want a date stamped on my pics. Can this be done via the regular stock camera app? If not what app does this best TIA
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    Update to 5.0.1 question for 4S

    So I have the 4S I am wondering because eventually I want to jailbreak it. But is the upcoming jailbreak for 5.0 only or can I update to 5.0.1 also. Can anyone confirm this whether or not to update. I am 100% woth wanting to he jb. Thanks
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    Deleted photos from iPhone by accident through Windows

    so i was deleted some photos in my folders and just realized i deleted photos from today till i got the iPhone a couple weeks ago are all gone... i tried to undelete to no avail. are these on the icloud? i logged into and photos arent an option? how can i get these photos if at...
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    Setting up Yahoo in iPhone email on Exchange?

    So I have a yahoo and gmail email Gmail I have setup on the exchange using the and it works better than setting up the phone via the gmail option to add an account How do I do this on exchange for yahoo as I can't get it right ? Thanks.
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    rejailbreak 4.2.1 greenpoison

    so im selling my iPhone 4 i have all my shsh's backed up and have tiny umbrella if needed i am trying to do a restore of the iPhone 4 and rejailbreak on either 4.2.1 (which is on there now or even load up to 4.3.3 if possible. i can't remember the method of what i need to do in windows...