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  1. cliffeman

    iPhone 6s Fed Ex won't hold at location

    Speaking with a friend who is a rep with FedEx. Said the phones must be attempted to be delivered once before they can be held at the station for pick up. If for whatever reason the first delivery attempt has not been made on Friday. You still cannot have it held for pickup on Saturday.This is...
  2. cliffeman

    iOS 8.3 Jailbreak Released

    Maybe this would have helped.
  3. cliffeman

    Who got a preorder date of 4/24-5-8?

    My 42MM Space Grey Sport band is now showing Prepared for Shipment. It was still showing processing this morning when I looked. I'm in AZ. My order went through at 12:02am.
  4. cliffeman

    SBSettings for iOS8

    CCSettings for iOS 8.
  5. cliffeman

    What shows are you watching?

    Twisty is one freaky clown.
  6. cliffeman

    Did you settle 6 or Plus color size to get it on the 19th?

    Once the store refreshed on my phone. I started the order process. But then it would not let me continue once I selected 6+ gold 128GB and upgrade this iPhone. The continue button on the top right would not light up. So I had my iPad ready to go as well. Within a matter of minutes my order was...
  7. cliffeman

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    I couldn't get the order to go any further than replace this iPhone ion my phone app. Tried my iPad and it completed the order. Got a confirmation number. Now back to bed!
  8. cliffeman

    Pre-order Pajama Party

    Remember the one year the preorder on apple didn't open up til nearly 45 mins after?!
  9. cliffeman


    It's on Netflix if you're a subscriber. Definitely worth checking out. It can't go away fast enough either. :cautious: Granted, there are one or two movies that I thought were well done in 3D (Life of Pi for example).
  10. cliffeman


    So was it similar to the other documentary Forks Over Knives that came out a few years ago?
  11. cliffeman


    New Interstellar trailer. :D
  12. cliffeman


    Caught a screening of Chef this evening. I really enjoyed it. Made me hungry afterwards. Definitely worth checking out.
  13. cliffeman

    What shows are you watching?

    Anyone watching Penny Dreadful?
  14. cliffeman


    Yes, Taken…on a plane.
  15. cliffeman


    The Liam Neeson movie.
  16. cliffeman


    So it's basically Taken in Russia?! O_o
  17. cliffeman

    What shows are you watching?

    I've been watching it since the first episode aired. So far I'm enjoying it. Glad HBO is giving it a second season.
  18. cliffeman

    iOS 7.1.1 released

    Oh Oh Oh! I know the answer! I came across an article a while back on Flipboard that explained why.
  19. cliffeman

    Auxo 2 Now Available

    Hopefully in an update, we'll be able to change which toggles we want. I don't use airplane mode or lock orientation. Other than that, I'm liking it so far.
  20. cliffeman

    iOS 7.0.6 is Jailbreakable

    FYI, if you use the SSLPatch. It's suggested to make sure the patch works. You can confirm it on