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    Found 3G!

    Just connect the locked phone to iTunes. Do the sequence of button pressing to get it in DFU and restore and Update and the phone is brand spankin new. Don't feel bad about taking somebody elses lost phone. Its life.!
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    iPhone Software Unlock for Free?

    is this safe? hmmm i think so because it is removed with an update or restore. Im wondering about trying but i am scared to mess it up. Should I? :laugh2:
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    ( For FREE )iPhone Free Software Unlock Confirmed!

    cool! =/ not working. psh links dead anyways
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    My iPhone let me down =[

    thanks for the cut downs guys =[ haha jk its cool.
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    My iPhone let me down =[

    because im smexy :2cool:
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    My iPhone let me down =[

    I met this really hot girl at the mall and i let her put my number in my iPhone then she handed it back and and i forgot to hit the save button first...i hit the home button instead. I think Apple should change it to where it automatically saves. If they did i would be on a date with this...
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    Found iPhone, cannot return

    wait thats mine i lost it =] :tounge: jk
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    Inflight Power charger?

    might not be enough voltage? How much voltage does this thing put out?
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    Not all ringtones are appearing in Manzana?

    how can i delete a ringtone of my phone that is not showing in manzana? only marimba and a CTU.mp3 don't appear on manzana but are on my iPhone? anybody got a clue how to delete?
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    Where do you get your movies and videos for iPhone?

    Google is your friend! :2cool:
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    Skype on iPhone, almost there...

    how do you know? Im just wondering.
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    Questions on DVD to hardrive

    are you sure? i thought if you own it you can do whatever you want with it as long as you don't sell it to other people.
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    Skype on iPhone, almost there...

    even when they get skype on the phone you are still going to have to pay for service. I don't think people think about this but you are still going to need to have edge. Unless you stay at a wifi place. This would be great to maybe save some minutes but i just dunno about this. :embarrassed:
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    Took my 4GB phone back for 8GB..will i get charged $36 activation twice?

    i believe you should not as long as you took the sim card out and put it in the 8GB. I got my phone replaced with a brand new one and they just swapped sims..plugged in to iTunes...asks me if i wanted to restore brand new activated with no extra charges
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    Got my iPhone replaced :)

    hmmm that's strange. Mine restored them from the backup. Or it could of been that when I entered all of my when I first got the phone iTunes backed them up to outlook. I opened outlook and all my contacts got backed up to there.
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    Got my iPhone replaced :)

    haha yup. I am so happy with Apple. I plan to buy a MacBook pro when the new mac os comes out. Anybody know the release date.?
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    Got my iPhone replaced :)

    no i didn't have to save my contacts they were automaticly backuped with iTunes.
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    In depth review of invisible shield on the iPhone

    No sorry! i was upset about this also...sniffle
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    In depth review of invisible shield on the iPhone

    I heard the invisible shield makes the iPhone grip more...cause things to stick to it when you wedge it in your still not sure if i wanna purchase a shield yet...hmmmm :) thanks for the review very informative.
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    Got my iPhone replaced :)

    Due to dead i went to a local Apple store and got a brand new fresh iPhone!... all he did was swap simcards and i went home plugged it in to iTunes and iTunes immediately said do i want to restore a backup from my previous iPhone. Clicked yes and now have a brand new