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    Post your iPhone V1 and 3G pics!

    It is called the t-rex pretty cool, it is the fastest 3 wheel car
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    iPhone makes the Oscars!

    here is the video
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    SIM CARD question

    there is something for a jailbreaked iPhone called isim i have used it works well
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    I really screwed up my phone - all icons are gone!

    if you have no buttons on your home screen what so ever, you are probably have to restore it sorry but you have to
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    Apple refurbished box?

    or like me when you brake the phone (blown speaker) they give you a refurbish phone so why not just start at refurbished with full warranty i have a refurbished phone now and have no problems with it (the only thing different about it is their it no pic of the bell on the ringer switch (Who Cares?))
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    iTunes Coverflow problem

    this has happened to me what you have to do is check if they are spelled exactly the same for example a space, period, or a capitol, it will start a new album if you cannot figure it out just copy and paste one of them with the same name on the other ones
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    Anyone recommend a case for original iPhone

    GET THE ISKIN "i swear by iskin they make the best cases" it is coming it says it on their website
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    Need help in deciding a iPhone case

    i got the iskin revo and i have the Invisible Shield i use them both and it is the best protection ever. the revo comes with some stupid privacy film that is not good at all so if you get it don't use it. the main complaint with the revo was that there was no belt clip but now they came out...
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    For those thinking 1.1.1 will be jailbreaked...

    this might by why
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    Apple replacing iPhone

    hey when i got my iPhone replaced they just gave me a new one right there in the store no need for a loaner (lucky i live close to one) call them and see maybe they send a replacement and you send the old one back (6 hrs is a little far to go and if they don't have any replacements in stock you...
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    Apple replacing iPhone

    i got my iPhone replaced b/c the big speaker broke (probably blow out it was really quiet) went into the store no problem and they super helpful
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    InvisibleSHIELD vs Bodyguardz

    invisiSHIELD i have it and love it so much
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    Update Coming Thursday! hey what the hell 1$
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    Updating iPhone!

    yes it will work i have done it one my work computer and no it will not erase all your stuff (as long as you click no when the box comes up asking something about erase and replace)
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    rebate (a good story)

    i went to the Apple store today with my friend to return something and check to see if he was in his 14 day return period for 4gb iPhone to get the some money back. when we got there and asked them and he was told that he was one day off. so we were like oh man so close but the guy at the desk...
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    iPhone taking almost 5mins to Sync!

    i had that problem today too i was like wtf i have a fast computer and all the only thing i did was add ringtones (the free way) wonder what is causing this? and btw when are they going to fix the battery indicator it still stuck at 90%
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    iSkin Revo

    100% yes best case ever + great protection
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    Bluetooth won't work (HELP)

    ok i will makke an appontoment at the Apple store b/c this does pair with my razor thanks
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    Bluetooth won't work (HELP)

    i was trying to pair it with a headset but i cannot it says searching and i cannot get it to stop so it not possible for me to pair it
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    Bluetooth won't work (HELP)

    i tried that just now with my old razor and it says unable to connect and then service not supported but it did find the iPhone