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    foreign alphabet on keyboard?

    apologies if this has been posted but I just found a new feature of update 1.1.1 Apparently there are "foreign" letters and characters embedded in the keyboard. If you hold down "o" for example you see an ô, ö, ò, ò, ó, õ, œ, ø on one giant key. Kinda nifty if you need it.
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    ESPN iPhone Pod Center Check out this link. It has all of ESPNs podcasts suited just for the iPhone. I'm listening to today's PTI over EDGE right now and it works perfectly. This is definitely going to be my new favorite.
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    Split view in email?

    I did a search and could not find a topic on this... Where is the option to view your emails in split view (i.e. inbox on top half, email in bottom half)? I've been searching in settings, in the inbox. I just rewatched the Macworld keynote and the button that Steve Jobs pressed isn't on my...
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    Where are all the oldschool posters?

    I leave for one weekend and the entire board is filled with new people! (welcome, by the way) it's like a completely different board. roll call: where are all the OGs?
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    First iPhone accessories (from iLounge)

    thought i'd share this information. i'm really looking forward to a protective 'film'/screen over the front. the other covers really take away from the asthetics for me. i would think about getting an armband for when i go running, but i'm not really in the mood to get robbed for it when i'm...
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    4 million shipped in 07, 200-300K per month

    just saw this report stating that 4 million iPhones will be shipped in 2007. however, it seems only 200,000 - 300,000 will be shipped initially. i guess this is our answer as to how many will be available upon release. 200,000 to 300,000. i'm hoping that Apple is low balling to remain...
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    More evidence for 6/15 release date?

    I found this press release online from a company that would provide some sort of email service for the iPhone. I found this part to be quite interesting: "June 15 is the street date for the iPhone's unveiling and as eager as everyone is to see the next step in cell phone and Internet...
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    FCC approval

    Hi all...i'm new to the board and like everyone here I'm pretty excited about the iPhone! I just found this link to all the documents and data relating to the iPhone's approval. It's a lot of raw data and boring stuff. Unfortunately no pictures as Apple has requested confidentiality. It's...