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  1. jaydoc1

    iPhone 7 Petition asking Apple to keep headphone jack in iPhone 7 signed by over 200K people

    I like the idea of the Lightening Port only option because it's proven to be such a robust and secure connection. <---sarcasm font
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    Apple TV vs. Roku

    Load times are much faster for my Roku 3 versus ATV for the same channels in the same room. I basically only use the ATV for buying movies that aren't available as early on Amazon.
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    Are you planning to buy the Apple Watch?

    If it looked like this? Yes. The way it's designed now? No.
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    I've only watched it about 20 times.
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    How has your experience with the iPhone 6 Plus compared to the 5s?

    Several of the guys at work and I have gotten both 6 and 6 Pluses (I have a Plus) and have the same cases so here is my take after using both quite a bit: There was no doubt that I wanted the biggest screen possible so the Plus was the only choice for me when I purchased. I was also the first...
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    test post only, don't read

    To think, I had an original iPhone when I started this thread. 6 Plus now, Baby!
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    Dropped calls with the iPhone 6 (Verizon)

    I'm not sure it's necessarily a 6 thing. My wife has been dropping calls left and right with her Verizon 5S lately.
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    Best Camera on a smartphone ever?

    Thought I'd share as well. My wife is the unofficial videographer on our Jeep adventures and we just used the 6 Plus for the first time this weekend on Chihuahua Gulch by Keystone, Colorado. This is a short video of the first section. (select HD obviously) This was an incredibly rocky/rough...
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    iPhone 6 is huge..

    My 6 Plus is huge-er. :whistle:
  10. jaydoc1

    Obligatory iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Negative Features Thread

    Fortunately my 6 Plus was only exposed to the air for about 3 seconds before being put in a Spigen thin armor case. Not bending in there.
  11. jaydoc1

    iPhone 6 Bendgate

    Happened with the 5 and 5S too, I believe.
  12. jaydoc1

    Standard or Zoomed?

    I'm hoping that Apple changes to allow landscape view on zoomed mode, as well.
  13. jaydoc1

    iPhone 6 beats the 6 Plus in speed tests

    Your 6 may be faster than my 6 Plus but my 6 Plus is WAAAAAAAAY faster than my 4S was! :p
  14. jaydoc1

    Charging routine for best battery life

    With lithium batteries this can actually be detrimental to battery life.
  15. jaydoc1

    iPhone Apple Store Availability

    Picked mine up at 11:30. Finally setting it up now.
  16. jaydoc1

    What iPhone did you get!

    6+ Space Gray 64 GB is waiting at my local Apple Store for me to pick up in a few short hours.
  17. jaydoc1

    iPhone Apple Store Availability

    Just did the same myself. Had cancelled my "not really a preorder" preorder. My November estimated delivery for my 6+ Space Gray 64 GB just became today as soon as I get the email saying its ready for pickup.
  18. jaydoc1

    An amazing video displaying the video/camera capabilities of the 6/6+! Check it out. Amazing video and a wide variety of still shots comparing the two new phones' cameras to the 5S. It's worth watching the video just to see the Iceland scenery! Make sure to enable HD in the videos.
  19. jaydoc1

    Disappointed with the look and features of the Apple Watch

    The biggest problem is that this is essentially a really expensive "disposable" watch. Since it is rechargeable only, the battery (and therefore the watch) has a finite lifespan.
  20. jaydoc1

    iPhone 6 Plus Cases Discussion

    Yes to both. I have a Spigen Slim Armor case setting on my dresser just waiting to have my forthcoming 6 plus snapped in to it. (Don't really bother with screen protectors myself, though.)