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    The THUNDEROUS SILENCE of this forum

    The THUNDEROUS SILENCE of this forum... (has lulled me too) This reminds me of last year, when the glaring defects in V1 were either ignored or misreported for fear of buyers remorse. We have two 3G iPhones in my house- both function to factory specs. Folks, let's be honest- BATTERY LIFE IS...
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    Why iPhone rebate details on FRIDAY would be bad...

    Strategically, in politics and in PR, bad news is disclosed on a Friday afternoon at the end of the weekly news cycle, so that By Monday's cycle the initial furor will have worn off somewhat. If Apple waits 'til Friday, I foresee a not-so-favorable rebate with a lot of conditions: one per...
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    Apple products are good, but...

    blind devotion to Apple or Steve JObs is BAD. This is a laissez faire economy, folks, and capitalism at its most raw. Attaching some ethical or moral halo to "Steve" is just... scary, Oxbow Incident, Moony, Jonestown, Karesh sh*t. Come on... let's "thank Steve" for the $100 that go right...
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    This is a way out of AT&T

    Let's see- sell the iPhone, buy a cellphone with SPrint and be rid of AT&T forever. This is very tempting.
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    The (non)Greasy Shield

    I'm hoping that this doesn't reveal me to be extra greasy, but there has been one major benefit of adding Invisible Shield to my iPhone. My screen would get so smudgy that the spots on which I most typically dragged would stop responding until I cleaned them off. The Invisible Shield...
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    It's funny to go through this forum and find all the iPhone misspellings caused by the (excellent, don't get me wrong) word complete.
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    Belkin Headphone adapter

    If you can't stand the iPod standard earphones, and have always upgraded to better phone, the Belkin headphone adapter is very cool. It is bendable, making it feel more like the end of your headphones and less like a protrusion from your iPhone.
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    Seamless and quick activation- existing AT&T Family Plan

    Not sure if it's that I use a MAC; but I have a family plan on ATT and activation was typical apple- a breeze.