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    My iPhone let me down =[

    I met this really hot girl at the mall and i let her put my number in my iPhone then she handed it back and and i forgot to hit the save button first...i hit the home button instead. I think Apple should change it to where it automatically saves. If they did i would be on a date with this...
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    Not all ringtones are appearing in Manzana?

    how can i delete a ringtone of my phone that is not showing in manzana? only marimba and a CTU.mp3 don't appear on manzana but are on my iPhone? anybody got a clue how to delete?
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    Got my iPhone replaced :)

    Due to dead i went to a local Apple store and got a brand new fresh iPhone!... all he did was swap simcards and i went home plugged it in to iTunes and iTunes immediately said do i want to restore a backup from my previous iPhone. Clicked yes and now have a brand new
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    Read if you got a replacement iPhone

    I plan on going to an Apple store to trade my iPhone for a new one because of some stuck/dead pixel problems. What do i need to bring? also im afraid of trying to get it to activate again. Is there a limit on pixels messed up? i have 6 small ones that i can see on a black screen. When i do...
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    has anybody bought the screen protector there and put it on for the iPhone. Im looking for a review on it.
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    Smash My iPhone

    haha i wonder wow long its going to take for somebody to post one of those videos! haha :2cool: