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    rebate (a good story)

    i went to the Apple store today with my friend to return something and check to see if he was in his 14 day return period for 4gb iPhone to get the some money back. when we got there and asked them and he was told that he was one day off. so we were like oh man so close but the guy at the desk...
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    Bluetooth won't work (HELP)

    when i got to activate bluetooth it turns on but it says under devices searching and it will not stop searching any ideas / suggestions on how to fix it i have never modded or hacked iPhone had it since jun 29 but never turned on bluetooth (until now) tried restarting phone soft and hard thanks
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    new iPhone box

    it in the video
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    Apple's iPhone to have glass display, better battery life

    it looks like the battery got better and glass face
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    Apple store back up

    the Apple store is back up
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    WWDC 2007 Keynote LIVE audio stream!

    This year iPhone Alley has something special in store for you all. We will be streaming audio from this year's WWDC keynote for all of you. The keynote will begin at 10AM Pacific, 12PM Central on Monday the 11th. The audio stream will start very shortly before the keynote does...
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    i found the iPhone Commercial

    i found the iPhone Commercial (with link) and