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  1. itsabouttime

    Location reminders don't work too well

    The first couple of times I used the location reminder it worked pretty well although it seemed to alarm me just a tad late, maybe a couple of minutes after I arrived at the targeted location, but now I've tried it twice in the last couple of days and it never alarmed me at all. Anyone else...
  2. itsabouttime

    Siri and reminders by location

    Ok, when you go to your reminders app, there's an option for "Tasks" and there's also one with my name. The one with my name is the only one that will give you the option to set a reminders based on leaving or arriving at a location, the tasks section won't let you do this. So how do you get...
  3. itsabouttime

    Siri having trouble today?

    Yesterday when I was trying out Siri, I asked it to take me to and it worked perfectly, today when I ask it says can't find a place called, and it couldn't find either, strange.
  4. itsabouttime

    Shared Calendars in iCloud?

    My wife and I both have calendars we shared with each other when we had MobileMe. Now that we have migrated to iCloud we can no longer see each other's calendars even though iCloud FAQ said we should as long as we both moved to iCloud. Anyone else have this issue or am I missing a step somewhere?
  5. itsabouttime

    iMac Crashed iMac hard drive

    Anyone have a rough estimate what Apple is gonna charge me to replace my crashed hard drive in my iMac, can't remember what gig it is but it's the smallest one they put in iMacs.
  6. itsabouttime

    iMac Accidentally deleted iSight software!

    Somehow I managed to delete the driver for my iSight camera. The only one I can find on Apples sight seems to be a much older version and doesn't work, anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  7. itsabouttime

    So is it impossible to get 5 bars now?

    Ok, so I downloaded the new software update which is supposed to more accurately display my signal strength. But now it seems impossible for my phone to achieve 5 bars no matter where I go. I realize signal strength will fluctuate but why can't I get more than 4 bars now? Is ATT's network really...
  8. itsabouttime

    iMovie won't export very big files?

    Has anyone else noticed iMovie won't export very long movies? I made a video that's a little over 3 minutes and it's mostly still pictures and a few seconds of a video clip I added, every time I try to export it regardless of which quality I choose, it tries to export it but then the app crashes...
  9. itsabouttime

    Oleophobic screen coating?

    I haven't heard any discussion about whether iPhone 4 has the Oleophobic (sp) coating that the 3gs has? I totally love this feature about my 3gs and it's way better than the 3g screen as far as keeping the screen clean of grease which is an obsession of mine. Anyone heard any mention of this?
  10. itsabouttime

    Which Handbrake do I download?

    I would like to download Handbrake, but on their homepage it has a couple of options, one for GUI and one for CLI, how do I know which one I need? Also, does Blu-Ray convert to iPhone? Thanks for any help! :ok:ok
  11. itsabouttime

    Best Social networking App with real time GPS?

    Whatever happened to that new Google GPS tracking app that was announced a few months ago? I think it emphasized GPS tracking of your friends more than it did Its Social networking features. If I remember correctly they also announced a desktop version at the same time. Does anyone remember...
  12. itsabouttime

    MobileMe & Shared Calenders

    I have MobileMe and my wife does not. Can we both share an iCal calendar? Also, How do shared calendars operate, if I make a calendar entry on my iPhone will it show up on my wife's iPhone calendar if we're sharing, and will it give her some sort of notification of the new entry?
  13. itsabouttime

    So....who's got the earliest Join Date to EIC?

    I was just curious, seems like my Join Date is fairly early but, there's got to be those who are even earlier. Anybody know who has the earliest Join Date? Ok Chris, we know you trump us all, I'm interested in who may be in second place! :laugh2:
  14. itsabouttime

    Push Notifications?

    So I've downloaded 3.0 but, I don't see anything about push notifications. How do I "enable" these? Am I missing something?
  15. itsabouttime

    A2DP Headphone Suggestions?

    Can anyone offer any A2DP Bluetooth headset suggestions for my iPhone?
  16. itsabouttime

    MobileMe softare patch?

    Ok, I think most of us agree the whole MobileMe issue is a disaster. Although I'm still having serious sync issues with the Calendar, I still really have failth in Apple products and I really want this program to work and it has so much promise but my frustration is growing. When you go to the...
  17. itsabouttime

    MobileMe not Synching Calendar anymore

    Suddenly today my MobileMe gives me an error message saying that I must reset my Calendar because the data may be wrong? It says go to system preferences at MobileMe and do a "reset" but I can't find that option anywhere. Anyone else having this problem? It won't let me sync anymore.
  18. itsabouttime

    iPhone 3G Clock not as accurate as v1

    Has anyone noticed that the clock on the 3G is as much as two or three minutes off at times? My v1 iPhone was always dead on.
  19. itsabouttime

    Defective iPhone questions

    I purchased my iPhone on launch day last year (June 29), just a couple of days ago the center part of my screen seems to have lost it's "touch" capabilities. It doesn't happen on the Home screen, only on screens that would require me to scroll ie, contacts, music etc. I intend on purchasing the...
  20. itsabouttime

    Computer crashed, need iTunes help please

    I have a desktop and my wife has a Laptop. We both have our own iTunes, the problem is that my computer crashed and when I get on her Laptop I can't figure out how to see my iTunes on her computer. I thought that by signing her out and signing me in it would work but when I sign on it still...