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  1. captain4004

    Is iToner working for you anymore?

    Is iToner working for anyone? because it's not working on my iPhone anymore? So being a 3 Party App has it also fallen to the iTunes update? Thanks.
  2. captain4004

    Used iToner, will my iPhone be bricked?

    I liked iToner and I used it a few times however I can't load any songs onto my phone using iToner so I am wondering if the iPhone update prevents iToner from working since you can consider this a 3 party app.
  3. captain4004

    Placing a call: I get "Call Forwarding Active" Message

    I live in Charleston and my phone just started doing it now as it wasn't doing it before
  4. captain4004

    Placing a call: I get "Call Forwarding Active" Message

    Mines stared doing it right after I switched from a GoPhone plan to a regular plan, I have done a hard re-boot and nothing worked. Has anybody done a restore with iTunes yet? I am as annoyed as everybody else about this :angry:
  5. captain4004

    Warm/hot iPhone

    When my gets warm I like to stick in my pants:embarrassed:
  6. captain4004

    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters

    Now maybe people will stop complaining:angry:
  7. captain4004

    handbreak settings

    And I thought Ms Teen South Carolina was a doofuss:laugh2: But you're still fine.
  8. captain4004

    Pay for ring tones?

    download iToner edit the mp3 with Garageband drag and drop, even more down load your favorite music from a Bit Torrent site.
  9. captain4004

    Quite Possibly the Most Annoying Video Ever

    This proves how deadly crack can be to your brain, DAM what a waste of human flesh:tounge:
  10. captain4004

    Apple Bluetooth Headset = Bad!

    The ear buds hurt my ears after prolonged use, not a wise choice.
  11. captain4004

    CNN: "The Steve Jobs Master Plan: iPhone hacking"

    Fantastic point
  12. captain4004


    Yeah this happen to me don't know when it happened, I don't know how to delete it either.
  13. captain4004

    OMG dropped/lost iPhone off motorcycle.

    Man the force was definitely with you, I witnessed a simular thing happen to guy on a crotch rocket, his Blackberry fell off as he was flying on the road, phone skidded about 50 feet before it stopped, it wasn't damaged too bad I picked it up called one the numbers in his address book and a few...
  14. captain4004

    A Better Calculator

    thanks for the great tips and info
  15. captain4004

    A Better Calculator

    Am I alone on this one but I would to have the a better calculator on my iPhone, one with a % key or scientific calculation features. Maybe in the update.
  16. captain4004

    Met someone with hacked iPhone. Really cool!

    It goes to show how inpatient people will do anything, only if they would just wait. I am not going to risk tearing up my phone.
  17. captain4004

    Does anyone have this problem also?

    There have been reports of jealous Blackberry Fairies causing all sorts of mischief with the iPhone, you might want try giving Harry Potter a call.:laugh2:
  18. captain4004

    Ok I waited long enough!

    Sounds like the verdict is in dude.:frown:
  19. captain4004

    Need iPhone owners to test our video streams

    yeah I'm sportin some wood:laugh2:
  20. captain4004

    My countdown has BEGUN!

    All ight just seeing what we could do, good to have you home.