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  1. one_crazy_dude

    AT&T unlocked iPhone. Any provider?

    With my factory AT&T unlocked iPhone. What other carriers can I use. I always thought the phones were able to use with any carrier now. Is this true or is tmobile the only one in the U.S. How will it work in other countries like Peru (plan on going there soon)?
  2. one_crazy_dude

    Restore to iOS 7.1.2

    Does anybody know if Apple has closed the restore to iOS 7 or will I be forced to iOS 8 if I try a restore?
  3. one_crazy_dude

    If I restore my iPhone 5, will I lose my jailbreak?

    The instructions say to do a restore and I don't want to lose my jailbreak. I remember with my iPhone 4 there was a tweek in cydia that allowed me to plug in the phone and iTunes would have a pop up saying iPhone has been unlocked. Any one know/remember of how to do so?
  4. one_crazy_dude

    Cydia updated for iOS 7

    I searched but did not find a post. Cydia has been updated for ios 7. Looks nice. Still no Mobile substrate so not much works like activator ( my favorite ). Sent using iCafe app
  5. one_crazy_dude

    What is the blue dot next to an app icon in iOS 7?

    Next to red box app there is a lil blue dot. Can't find any info about notification dots. Any body got any ideas? Sent using iCafe app
  6. one_crazy_dude

    iPhone 4s funny video [NSFW]

    There is some cursing words so please young ones avoid. Mods if you feel this un appropriate remove please I lmao
  7. one_crazy_dude

    Body glove case for a dollar

    And free shipping. Just spreading what I found and do not in any way work for this place. For a dollar I picked one up. from iPad 2 using iCafe app
  8. one_crazy_dude

    A crashing app

    Hey all I have an iPhone 4 and ipad 2 and use the APP like a bible. I have noticed since the upgrade to the forum the app crashes all the time. On both devices at least twice a day on each device. Any one else having this problem? I have uninstalled and reinstalled on both devices, restarted...
  9. one_crazy_dude

    Made my own stand

    I got an iPad 2 before my accessories came in and I relics fast I need a stand. Wit some tools and and wood I made this
  10. one_crazy_dude

    I found Bumper cases cheap

    I shop from this place all the time and get all kinds of crazy things for cheap like iPhone cables, cases and docks. It is in hong kong and I am in the states so it takes about 2 weeks to get to me but everything is free shipping and I have always got my items I just bought 4 different color...
  11. one_crazy_dude

    housing change

    anybody change back housings ? i started to get a crack from the dock connector up a bit.its not bad but it bothers me so bad knowing its there. also i would'ent mind if it was a diffrent color. i love taking things like pc's car audio apart but this is to small for me to mess with
  12. one_crazy_dude

    Processes always running

    I have a 3g running 3.1 custom f/w made on a friends mac and than I put on memorycard to my pc xp pro and did shift/ restore with iTunes. I never had 3.1 stock on my phone. When ever I go to sbs settings and processes there is always running safari,phone,and Mail using all my memory up...