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  1. captain4004

    Is iToner working for you anymore?

    Is iToner working for anyone? because it's not working on my iPhone anymore? So being a 3 Party App has it also fallen to the iTunes update? Thanks.
  2. captain4004

    A Better Calculator

    Am I alone on this one but I would to have the a better calculator on my iPhone, one with a % key or scientific calculation features. Maybe in the update.
  3. captain4004

    QT on the Apple Website

    This is might be old news but has anyone noticed how great the iPhone QT videos run on the phone. How come the movie trailers don't run?
  4. captain4004

    HOW I DO SETUP A @MMS.AT& account?

    I know I am going to say DUH! after this so thanks in advance.:embarrassed:
  5. captain4004

    iPhone for weeks here!

    Hello my peps, reporting from The Holy City- Charleston South Carolina, I just got off the phone with an AT&T store and I asked how many people were in waiting line and she reply was a big ole whopping 1:gasp:. I told her I knew Chs was a secondary or maybe even considered a tertiary market...
  6. captain4004

    No Campers In Charleston

    Called the AT&T stores here and no campers to be seen however maybe a different story tomorrow with possible long lines. Maybe an advantage being in a town with less than a million people.:D
  7. captain4004

    GoPhone Customers Good News

    I was told by a mis-informed AT-T store agent that my GoPhone number and remainding minutes were not transferable, I called the AT&T 800 number and they told me yes the number can be ported and any remaining minutes will be credited to my new account.:laugh2::smile:
  8. captain4004

    Steve Jobs to make a rare company-wide speech tomorrow
  9. captain4004

    Moto H9

    Anybody considering buy this Bluetooth Earpiece?
  10. captain4004

    Apple Employees Flaunting iPhones in Public Like Crazy (w/Picture)

    What a bunch of dweebs, just breaking company policies whenever they want, they should be fired.
  11. captain4004

    AT&T a bunch of money grubbing bastards

    I swithed to Cingular now The New AT&T 5 months ago based solely on the exclusive iPhone offering, I have a MacBook also. When I signed up they said I would have to put down a $300 (wtf):angry: deposit so I opted for their GoPhone program (which cost me $67.00 per month) I did it with the...