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  1. Docd

    Green square

    Anyone know what this green rectangle is for? Only shows up briefly . It pops up every so often and this is the first time I've be able to trigger it by turning on and off silent on my watch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Docd

    Changing the name on a Apple Watch

    My wife got her Apple Watch (hate her cause mine's in processing). The problem is that her watch says my name not hers. Can't find a way to to get it to say her name. I went in and changed her name from mine in her iCloud/iTunes account rebooted watch and even set up as a new watch but it still...
  3. Docd

    Missing dictation

    My brother-in-law's iPhone 5 is missing the dictation microphone in the keyboard. I've looked under settings/general/keyboards but there is no switch to turn it on as on my 6+. Is this turned on anywhere else?
  4. Docd

    Pictures not showing in iMessages

    On my daughter's 5s using iOS 8.1 when she receives a picture message all she see in the message stream is a empty bubble. To see the picture she has to tap details and scroll down to see the pic. I've looked through all settings and the look correct and done numerous reboots and shutdowns. Any...
  5. Docd

    Backup problems in iOS 8

    Before I upgraded to iOS 8 I needed 23.6 gb to backup my iPad and iPhone now after upgrade I need a additional 17 gb of iCloud storage space. Anyone know what's changed in the backup to cause this. If I upgrade to the next storage plan of 200 gb is there a way to share this storage space with...
  6. Docd

    iPhone 6 and 6+ top 4 million preorders

    Just got this from CNN Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus preorders top 4M in first 24 hours Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Docd

    Call block listing

    I was wondering if there is a way to see a list of callers you have blocked? Sent from my iPhone using My fingers.
  8. Docd

    Playing purchased movie with remote app

    Updated my ATV to the newest version 6.1 and one of the features is to use the remote app to start playing purchased content. I try playing a few of the movies I have purchased but I get the error "Your Apple TV is not authorized to play this content". If I go into the purchased movies directly...
  9. Docd

    Limbo app

    On my daughter's 5s her twitter app has disappeared. When I go to the App Store to reinstall it it says OPEN as if it's installed on her phone, when you tap OPEN it does nothing. The app is nowhere to be found on the phone and several reboots and hard resets did nothing. How can I get the app...
  10. Docd

    Different shades of blue

    I noticed that when using iMessage that messages that I send sometimes are two different shades of blue. Anyone know what it means? Sent from my iPhone using
  11. Docd

    MacBook Air DVD drive for the MBA

    My daughter wants a DVD drive for her MBA and was going to get her an Apple SuperDrive but thought she might want one with that is blue ray. I understand that will require a third party software to use it to play blue rays. Anyone have a good recommendations? Also the drive I found requires you...
  12. Docd

    Calendar questions

    I'm I missing an easier way to add a location from my address book than copy and paste. Wish you could just select a contact as most of the locations I use are in my address book anyway. Sent from my iPhone using [URL=Tapatalk[/URL]
  13. Docd

    No pasting in phone app!

    I just noticed this. You cannot paste a phone number and dial it in the stock phone app anymore. It use to be when I came across a phone number on a website I could just copy and paste it to the phone app to dial it. This has always come in handy as sometime phone numbers are not clickable to...
  14. Docd

    Strange iPad boot up

    I ran my iPad down till it powered of done it before but when I plugged it in to charge it's text was as the bottom side of the screen. It then all went blank but screen was lit. Did a hard reset and it booted up fine at least for now. Any ideas of what happened. Sorry about the bad pic but...
  15. Docd

    Calendar events and changing time zones.

    Taking a trip and set my plane reservations up in calendar. Now by default all the times are already set to local time of the departure/arrival city. But when I change time zones (in this case 3 hours) it adjust the times on the calendar automatically. Anyway to fix this.
  16. Docd

    Buying iPhone for gift

    My daughter is upgradable and I want get her a 5 for Christmas. Well they are on they are on sale for today and the question is can I get the phone today with her upgrade and wait till Xmas day to activate it. I don't want her to know and I don't want her current 4 disabled for she is still away...
  17. Docd

    Music not downloading to iPhone 4

    My daughter bought some songs on iTunes in her laptop but they won't transfer to her phone. When trying to download to her phone upswing the iTunes app it just says purchased but won't let her download and if she try to sync with her laptop using the sync cable they won't go on either. The are...
  18. Docd

    Glass on iPhone 5

    Was wondering, now that the iPhone uses one layer of glass what happens if if you crack the screen. Is it shot or can you still use the phone still like you could on previous iPhones unless you broke the LCD, but now the iPhone 5 only has the one glass front.
  19. Docd

    Forcing a default WiFi connection.

    I have 2.4 and 5 ghz connection on my router but my iPhone 5 default to the 2.4 and I have to manually switch it to the 5 ghz. Anyway to force to to go use the 5. Part of my house doesn't get the 5 so forgetting the 2.4 is not an option. I just want to set a priority level.
  20. Docd

    Forgetting iCloud password

    My iPhone keeps forgetting my iCloud password. Every so often the message pops up saying iCloud username or password are incorrect. I go to settings and re-enter my password and all is good for a few days. Then it happens again. My iPad does not do this. Any idea? --- I am here: Tapatalk