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  1. Cantwait4iPhone

    How many iPhone 3GS's are left?

    Hey guys, I'm away on vacation so I can't see how many iPhone 3GS are left. I haven't seen anything to tell me on Apple's site, so I was wondering if anyone knows if they are sold out anywhere. Are there mainly 32GB or 16GB models left?
  2. Cantwait4iPhone

    3GS giveaway... twitter problems?

    Hey guys, I didn't see any posts on this and I wanted to know if anyone else is having trouble with Twitter. I can't seem to access it all, and I just got online for the first time so I don't know if there's something wrong with it. Can someone let me know what's going on and if...
  3. Cantwait4iPhone

    What are you listening to?

    Surely, we all like music. I'm sure a lot of people are listening to music while posting. So, what are you listening to right now? I've got a little classic rock going with: Come Together- The Beatles
  4. Cantwait4iPhone

    Question for traveling abroad

    Hey guys, I just had a quick question. I'm going abroad soon and I have called AT&T a few times, only to receive a whole lot of frustration. I am fairly positive about the answer to this, but I was just going to check: If I'm using WiFi abroad, will I be charged for data? I assume I won't...
  5. Cantwait4iPhone


    I am a big runner myself. Does anybody else here run often? Do you use the Nike+ iPod setup?
  6. Cantwait4iPhone

    Nike+ iPod question

    I was thinking about getting a Nike+ iPod sensor for the new iPhone 3GS, but I just had a quick question. It's going to sound pretty stupid, but I don't know how it works. Here goes: Do you need to have the iPod/ iPhone with you the whole run or can you store the info on the sensor and...
  7. Cantwait4iPhone

    Safari 4.0 out, what do you guys think?

    Safari 4.0 is running great for me at the moment and I'm pretty happy. Anyone else using it yet?
  8. Cantwait4iPhone

    More eternity/noel cases: anybody tried 'em?

    Has anybody tried the "more" eternity or noel series metallic cases? They look pretty nice and I wanted to know if I should look into them.
  9. Cantwait4iPhone

    Guided Tour Impressions

    Watching the guided tour now... Any initial impressions? Are you going to get the 3GS?
  10. Cantwait4iPhone

    The Countdown Begins...

    Looks like the excitement has started up again, and as always, Apple is holding us all on the edge of our seats. We have just about a week to go (depending where you are) until WWDC, so we've got to have some way to pass the time. Does anyone have some final predictions before the show...
  11. Cantwait4iPhone

    What a stupid mistake.

    I just updated to 2.0 and in a rush I neglected to read the note stating that the update would delete all photos, music, etc. I do not have photos backed up on this computer, nor do I have notes or anything. Of course all of it is gone, and every one of my hundreds of photos is left with no...
  12. Cantwait4iPhone

    As successful? [POLL]

    Will the iPhone 3G be as successful as the iPhone or not? I personally feel that it will be because of the slim price, but there is also the issue that many v1 owners are content with their current phone. So, what do you think? Will it be as successful or not? Or will it be MORE successful...
  13. Cantwait4iPhone

    Chris, what about you?

    Since you started this all, I was just wondering if you, Chris, are planning on getting the new iPhone right away. I am assuming you are, but I need to hear from the man of the forum :laugh2:. Thanks for the contests and for working so hard to keep the site up. I know I just started posting...
  14. Cantwait4iPhone

    The new iPhone 3G is not enough for me.

    Almost a year ago, at 6:05 P.M. on June 29th, it was a great time. Following the countdown from Apple employees and the tearing of covering papers, we marched into the store to the applause of employees flanking us on both sides. This was a day of so much excitement, and I was almost sad for the...
  15. Cantwait4iPhone

    Are you excited for Monday? Tell us why.

    I guess my name, from May 2007, applies again for some people. After June 29th, Cantwait was a bit of a stupid thing to say. Anyways, are you looking forward to Monday? Are you going to buy the new iPhone if one is released? I personally am not going to purchase one, but I am somewhat excited...
  16. Cantwait4iPhone

    Sweet car on eBay, check it out!

    I just found this auction for a sweet new Dodge Challenger SRT8 in blue on eBay. It is right from Chrysler, as fas as I can tell, and it benefits a charity of some sort. Check it out here. If only I had that money at my disposal.... :laugh2: Well, at least I can dream for now. Congrats to...
  17. Cantwait4iPhone

    What are your final thoughts on the iPhone?

    Hey guys, it's me! Probably only the most senior members here will remember me, I am from way back :) I am just starting this thread to reflect on the last 7 or 8 months since the iPhone was released. I can still remember waiting on the night of the 28th excitedly to go get my iPhone...
  18. Cantwait4iPhone

    Are you camping out?

    Just a poll on how many people plan on camping out for the iPhone. Feel free to vote and tell everyone why.
  19. Cantwait4iPhone

    Would you still buy it?

    The question here is: Who on this forum would still buy an iPhone on day one, if the data plan is announced to be $40? Feel free to vote and say why. My vote is yes. EDIT: The poll is now up.
  20. Cantwait4iPhone

    How am I gonna get this?

    I am still weighing my options for the best way to get this thing and hoping I won't need to camp out. I am actually going to a local Apple store in a bit to see if they know anything about demand, supplies, features, etc. You guys have any suggestions? Feel free to comment on how you...