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  1. katelynneemma

    Is it party time yet?

    Happy birthday Ray!
  2. katelynneemma

    Anyone else getting this error?

    I've been getting it everytime I try to insert emoji
  3. katelynneemma

    More free rollover!

    My dad just texted me thinking he was getting spam messages lol. Guess AT&T is giving us more roll over that we will never use. Could I get some free data instead?
  4. katelynneemma

    Happy Birthday Tarek!

    Happy Birthday Tarek!
  5. katelynneemma

    Why did you buy your first iPhone?

    So as I'm waiting for my turn with the genius today, a girl came in with her mother. She informed her that she just had to have an iPhone because all her friends did. Which got me thinking. Why did you buy your first iPhone? What specific reason if any did you have for wanting it? I bought mine...