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  1. theorioles33


    Anyone using this tweak from Cydia? It gives you more options when holding down the power button. You can respring, reboot, power down or clear cache. The reason I am asking is because, for some reason, the reboot option does not do anything for me. I wanted to see if anyone else was having...
  2. theorioles33

    What ever happened to Snapture?

    Remember Snapture? The first "real" camera app for the iPhone. It was a Jailbreak app first then hit the App Store. It disappeared some time ago though. Never knew why.
  3. theorioles33

    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    Just wanted to see how deep some of you are into the Apple ecosystem. I have an iPhone 4s. My wife and daughter have iPhone 4's. My wife and I have iPad 2's while my daughter is sporting the hand-me-down iPad 1. I have a MacBook Pro. We all share the Apple TV and my daughter has an iPod Nano...
  4. theorioles33

    Apps Going On Sale After You Purchase It

    Anyone else get annoyed when the app you just purchased goes on sale or goes free? Granted, its usually only a buck or two but still annoying. I wish the App Store would have the same policy as retail stores where they would credit you the difference if its within 30 days. :) Sorry. Just had...
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    Anyone tired of the lame Toshiba Thrive commercials?

    "The first tablet to get it right". Get what right? The iPad didn't get it right? Apple cant even keep up with demand.
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    Now this is funny!

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    iPad 4.2 using MyWi via iPhone 4

    I thought I had come across a thead about this but of course I can not find it now. I was using my iPhone 4 as a hot spot via MyWi for my iPad. Worked great until I upgraded my iPad to 4.2. Now the iPad connects but I cant get to the internet. Has anyone experienced this?
  8. theorioles33

    Anyone insterested in inexpensive hard cases look here.

    I purchased an 8 pack of hard cases of eBay for about $10. I was actually very surprised at how well they fit and look. There were no rough edges or anything. They don't interfere with my screen protector either. Worth the money if you like to change up colors every now and then...