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  1. Reisdennis62

    Broken Vizio and need advice.

    I have a 42 in Vizio LCD model # E421VO. When I turn it on all that works is the audio the picture doesn't show. I want to fix it and I've been looking every where online but I can't figure out where to buy the main board. Does anyone know where I can get one or if there's another way to fix it...
  2. Reisdennis62

    Upgrade help

    So my sister and I are on the same family plan on AT&T and we both have iPhones. I unfortunately can't upgrade until July 2013 but she can and has offered to let me use her upgrade. My question is will I be able to do that? Preorder the iPhone 5 under her name then when I get it go to the AT&T...
  3. Reisdennis62

    Off topic medical advice

    I recently got in an accident and the seatbelt left my chest sore and more over my heart and I was wondering if anyone knew if it was safe to use the Tiger Balm patches over the heart area. I've used it before on my back and it helped a lot I'm just worried it could do damage if it's placed...
  4. Reisdennis62

    Will Apple replace a phone if they break it?

    I took my 3GS to Apple this morning to see if they could fix the sim card slot because it's not reading the sim and they placed my brothers sim card in it to try and fix it but with no warranty they said I would have to by one for 149 because they can't repair it. I left the store with out...
  5. Reisdennis62

    iPhone 3GS not recognizing SIM.

    I just bought a used iPhone 3GS for my brother and it looks as if it is new. The problem is that it's not letting me activate it with the sim card from my brothers old Sharp FX. The phone is updated to ios 5 but it says there is no sim installed. Any idea what could be wrong?
  6. Reisdennis62

    Siri trouble

    Siri isn't hearing my voice for some reason. I made sure the volume was raised and I even restarted my phone but it's doing the same thing. Any ideas on what could be wrong?
  7. Reisdennis62

    Need help selling iPhone 4

    Hey im trying to sell my 4 and then upgrade to the 4S. Do I need to remove the sim card when I sell it and give the sim to an AT&T rep so they can set up the 4s?
  8. Reisdennis62

    Back up to new PC

    Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to back up all of my information and files from my laptop so i can transfer it later to my new laptop. I am selling the one i currently own (Dell Inspiron 1545) tomorrow and i am buying a new one by the end of this week and i wanted to be...
  9. Reisdennis62

    Flash on FaceTime

    Is there a way to enable flash during FaceTime calling?
  10. Reisdennis62

    iPhone 4 and ACN Video Phone

    Is it possible to do video chat from an iPhone 4 to the ACN iris 3000 video phone? I've tryed FaceTime with it but that didn't go through and I've tryed searching the Internet but I can't find much
  11. Reisdennis62

    Blank folders.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this? I had folder enhancer and it was working fine but out of nowhere my folders turned up blank.
  12. Reisdennis62

    YouTubeToMp3 on iPhone 4

    Hey everyone I got YouTubeToMp3 from Cydia and I was wondering if there was a way to get the song I converted in that app into my music library. I know how to do it when I plug it into my pc but is there a way I can do it using ifile? I tried copying the link from var/mobile/media/downloads/ and...
  13. Reisdennis62

    Has anyone else received an email like this?

    This morning I got an email from target stating that their email service provider, Epsilon, data system was exposed to unauthorized entry and that people information may have gotten compromised. At first I thought it was just from Target but now I got an email from stating the same...
  14. Reisdennis62

    Something loose inside iPhone 4.

    Hey everyone I recently got an iPhone 4 and I havnt dropped nor damaged it but when I shake it I can here something moving in it. It sounds as if there's a very small ball in it moving around. I shook my sisters iPhone 4 and didn't here anything so I'm thinking there might be something wrong...
  15. Reisdennis62

    Upgrading iPod 3G from 3.1.3?

    Hey everyone I have an iPod touch 3G that is on 3.1.3 and I was wondering if I can upgrade to 4.2.1 instead of 4.3.1 I want to keep it jailbroken. If it's possible I'm already downloading 4.2.1 firmware I just don't know where to go from there. Thanks!
  16. Reisdennis62

    iTunes not opening.

    Hey everyone I have a problem with my iTunes. It won't open up it says "iTunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes." then it says error (windows error 1114). I have gone into control panel and uninstalled everything associated with Apple and then gone back into the Apple website...
  17. Reisdennis62

    Configuring college email on the iPhone?

    Alright well I've been having a rough time trying to set up my csu stanislaus student email account on my iPhone. I simply just don't know how to do it :/ I've tried asking around and know one knows how to. I've tried setting it up with google because that's what Stan state uses in there system...
  18. Reisdennis62

    iPhone 3GS not working properly.

    Hey everyone I have a weird problem with my 3GS. Today I wanted to manually reset the iPhone without using a pc so I went into settings/general/ and I clicked on reset it was supposed to erase all of the content on the phone. It began erasing it showed an Apple logo with a bar underneath filling...
  19. Reisdennis62

    Upgrade to iPhone 4

    Currently I'm on a family plan and my sisters line is due for an upgrade March 12 and mine Nov 11. She has offered to let me use her upgrade so I can get the iPhone 4. will AT&T allow this or will they change the settings on her line and recognize her as an iPhone user? She currently has a...
  20. Reisdennis62

    Trig Calculator

    Does anyone know of any app that is associated with Trigonometry. I wanted one that had sin cos and tan and also there inverses. Thanks