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  1. dsuppa

    Cydia is live! What works and what doesn't?...

    so far nothing works for me, Installed activator and it doesn't show up in settings menu, Backgrounder wont even let me install says its missing dependency of backgrounder.
  2. dsuppa

    iPad fingerprints - Get rid of them forever!

  3. dsuppa

    My willpower lasted all of one week

    same here, I said I wouldn't get one because it was useless since I had my iPhone, I broke down today and got a 32, lol
  4. dsuppa

    SMS Vibration

    tried that, didn't work
  5. dsuppa

    SMS Vibration

    So when Im at work I like to have my phone on vibrate, but the SMS vibration is too short/weak for me, the phone I can feel, but the SMS always gets missed. I have MyProfiles set up to have the ringer set to vib at work and was able to up the intensity of the vibration from there, but the only...
  6. dsuppa

    Battery problem

    wow, ton of responses here, thanks for all the info. So I guess I'll try a restore, just dreading reloading 14gb of media back on here. As of right now my phone has been off the charger since 6:30 AM(so 4 hours) and I've made 2 calls, 2 texts, some emails, Facebook and updated some calendar and...
  7. dsuppa

    Battery problem

    yeah its updated
  8. dsuppa

    Battery problem

    So I got my 3gs yesterday, and I think I may have a faulty battery. The phone has been plugged in most of the day while I was playing with it, but still here we are at 3:20 and im all the way down to 40% already. It's been unplugged sine 11:30 and all Ive done with it is watch about 45 min of a...
  9. dsuppa

    Price of Apps

    Same here, I just got the receipt from all thge free apps I downloaded from it in the last week and all I can say is WOW, I have way too many apps, lol.
  10. dsuppa

    The Apps You Want To See

    I would love a google talk and aim combo app that notified you if it wasn't active at the time.
  11. dsuppa

    Aim app question...

    You never know they could somehow figure out a way to charge you, I guess the only way to really know is wait for the next bill cycle and see what happens.....
  12. dsuppa

    Any 1st generation owners having second thoughts?

    I really want the 3g for the GPS and the 16gb, but since the GPS app isn't out yet like Steve showed at the keynote I will wait. And what really sucks is in the area I work and live 3g coverage doesn't happen :(. MAybe I'll just keep my v1 and get a cheap GPS on sale.....oh well.
  13. dsuppa

    2.0 native screenshot app!

    I don't see the point of that with whats available now on the iPhone 2.0.....
  14. dsuppa

    So what social app are we all gonna use?

    suprisingly I am using the mySpace one, I haven't used my myspace account in like a year and a half, but since downloading it yesterday I have been on there non stop. Just sucks using it over edge, but when I can get wiFi its awesome!
  15. dsuppa

    AIM app

    I was wondering the same thing, I could so see at & t charging these to the SMS package and not data plan. Has anyone called to confirm?
  16. dsuppa

    Remember Before iDay?

    Same for me I kept saying I wasn't going to get one, except I didn't make it 4 months, I only lasted 4 days. :smile:
  17. dsuppa

    Photos Are Upside Down AHHHHH

    I have this strange problem with any photo I take on the iPhone if i turn the phone sideways to take a landscape picture then DL the picture to my MacBook the image thumbnail is sideways, but when you open it in Preview or iPhoto it comes out straight. This doesn't really bother me it's when I...
  18. dsuppa

    Steve-O is just full of it...

    I tried going to both of the sites you guys posted and neither exist :angry:. j/k
  19. dsuppa

    Were You Pleased with The New iPhone Update 1.1.1 ?

    I guess I am in the minority here I like the iTunes mobile store and have no complaints about the update. I did have my phone modded when I first got it but I decided to go back with the phone in its original form and have no problem with what the phone does stock. I just use the phone for...
  20. dsuppa

    Will You Or Won't You Update, Please Vote!

    I updated this morning, iPhone seems to be running much smoother than it was. And I downloaded the HIM cd right from my phone!