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  1. MNJON

    AT&T vs. Verizon, does it really matter?

    Voice and Data at the same time, on an iPad? How would one use that feature?
  2. MNJON

    AT&T vs. Verizon, does it really matter?

    Verizon costs more.... I use AT&T and the $15 per month has been enough... so far. If I go to V... the lowest price is $30 per month for 2gb.... AT&T would be $30 for 3GB! I'm not sure Verizon would be a plus for me. I cant see any benefit except that IF I visit Montana, the coverage would be...
  3. MNJON

    AT&T vs. Verizon, does it really matter?

    Since these are not linked to my iPhone service in any way... is there a reason why I could not pick either of these to go with? Is one service better than the other? My current iPad 2 is an AT&T one.... but.... maybe Verizon offers something better for rates? Any thoughts? Is Veriszon as...
  4. MNJON

    Anyone ever have Electical Problems, like a fried cable?

    I took the cable and power supply to the Apple store 30 miles away today..... sadly, I did not bring the iPad so they would NOT replace the cable unless I had the serial number for the iPad in my pocket :-). They could not find me in their system, even though I just bought two new iPad 2's in...
  5. MNJON

    Anyone ever have Electical Problems, like a fried cable?

    Here is a picture of the cable end after my wife tried to plug in her iPad 2. She's plugged it in 50 times or so, having had it 2 months. Anyway... she didn't notice the end had fried... but did notice it was not charging.... this close-up shows it much worse than when you are holding it in...
  6. MNJON

    What's your favorite iPad weather app?

    Yeah, thanks a lot for getting me spend a buck too! :-)
  7. MNJON

    Sound on iPhone 4

    My wife's iPhone 4 has had a new found volume issue when using the phone... you can amlost not hear the person on the other end! I'm going to try and take it in to Apple Store Friday.
  8. MNJON

    iPad printing

  9. MNJON

    iPad printing

    Yeah! Me and the wife both have 4s's and iPad 2's (don't hate, i'm an iJerk). I just tried it on all 4 devices and man... it works great! My main printer is an HP2035n, now she wants me to hook up her color laserjet on my PC so she can choose between B&W or Color! Ugh..... my office will be...
  10. MNJON

    iPad printing

    Very Cool! Finger Print works super on my Windows system! Now, I just need to try and figure out what I'd actually use it for? I have iPhone and ipad, but, hmmmm what would I print? What would you guys want this feature for? Yeah, for $10 I'm going to go ahead and pay up... it works that good...
  11. MNJON

    How to add a movie you currently own to iPad 2?

    I'm using Windows. When I choose the source, it tries reading (did it to all 3 DVD's, Patriot, Bolt and Spies Like Us) and it takes several minutes then in the activities section, it shows error messages and says something like Handbrake has exited, or something like that.
  12. MNJON

    How to add a movie you currently own to iPad 2?

    I tried this with 3 DVD's and it didn't work with any of them. Any other "better" programs for this?
  13. MNJON

    Anyone ever accidentally pull down the "notifications" screen?

    I'm a Lefty and when using ANY sketch or drawing programs, I am constantly doing it, to the point where it is really ruining the usefulness of those apps for me. :-( I really wish there was a simple way to turn them on or lock them off.
  14. MNJON

    iPad 2 cases

    Yes! I just got my (two) cases and they both have the strap... I didn't notice it at first and on my wife's ipad, when I showed her how you can put your hand through the elstic to hold it up (she loves that for her preschool classes!) the case would flop open.. now she really loves it, since she...
  15. MNJON

    Am I Missing Something Here?

    What is the best/easiest program to convert store bought movies (DVD's) to import them to iTunes and then to my ipad or iPhone?
  16. MNJON

    NetFlix for $7.99 a month or rent 1 movie for $5?

    Why would anyone rent a movie for $4.99 when they can watch all the streaming netflix movies for $7.99 a month!? Maybe iTunes has a better variety or something but man..... watch two movies and you're losing money already! I've watched 10 at least on netflix so far for one low fee. So, what do...
  17. MNJON

    iPad 2 cases

    Marware CEO Hybrid is what I just got recently and just LOVE this one! Very nice for the low cost (Paid $26 shipped at Amazon)! GREAT Case! I also bought a cool little Targus Citygear Mini... it's like a mini attache type soft bag... the ipad 2 with the Marware case on it, fit inside just...
  18. MNJON

    iTunes Match is live!

    It works great for me! I have added abouyt 10 CD's to iTunes and it went to work on them and now they are all on my ipad and iPhone! NICE! Now i need to figure out how to get the album artwork onto my devices. I got the artwork on iTunes, but not my devices, yet.
  19. MNJON

    iPad or laptop?

    I've had my iPad 2 for about a week and there is no way I'd ever have a desire for a notebook. This thing is amazing! SO handy! I'll spend the $$ for a better printer to make pringint easier, one of these days.
  20. MNJON

    Best Note Taking App for Lefties?

    I had already bought Note Taker HD and let me tell ya.. that one has a tough learning curve! I'm "shelving" that one, at least for now.