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  1. gt1948

    Accessories on Apple site with prices

    It looks like the Apple website has been updated with new accessories and prices. The Apple bluetooth headset is priced at $129.:)
  2. gt1948

    more info from AT&T Manual

    iPhone Bluetooth The iPhone currently supports two Bluetooth profiles: Hands-free (v1.5) and Headset. The apple-branded Bluetooth headset uses Hands-Free Profile 1.5, and may be compatible with other third party Bluetooth enabled devices that support the profile. SIM Card Portability While...
  3. gt1948

    iPhone Training to start Sat at your local Apple Store

    Apple Stores will have free training starting sat on the iPhone.... Check your local Apple Stores web site
  4. gt1948

    Accessories to be at Most AT&T Stores

    71564 iPhone Travel Charger 71565 iPhone In-Box Stereo Headset 71562 iPhone Bluetooth Mono-earbud 71583 iPhone Bluetooth Travel Cable 71563 iPhone Dock Connector to USB Cable \ Oracle Part Number Description 71572 Black Nappa Leather Sleeve 71568 Vertical Case 71574 Horizontal Case...
  5. gt1948

    $250 Deposit for new customers

    Reading the ATT manual posted at BGR a deposit is required for new customers of ATT..... Get it back in a year if your payments or good.
  6. gt1948

    AT&T stores clueless as of 1131 am cst

    Just back from my local AT&T store and they have'nt heard of any of the plans or syncing. I steered them towards the web site and now they are watching . he told me he has training tomorrow at noon. I also notice one new employee there...a security guard
  7. gt1948

    Rates rumors all over the net this am

    [/B][B]iPhone to get unlimited data "iPlan?"... The iPhone will launch this week with a special data plan attached to it, according to high-placed source with access to AT&T. The contacts claim that the provider has decided to create a custom plan for the device, known internally as the...
  8. gt1948

    $30 coupon

    Just received an email from Apple offering a $30 discount on any purchase online or by calling Apple Store for purchases over $300.00. Funny offer expires Fridaay June 29, 2007
  9. gt1948

    No Video

    From what i have read at there is no video capture and only video playback via YouTube..... Check it out Could be an Apple of the big secrets. There has been no talk about the camera from Apple....
  10. gt1948

    AT&T rates before the 29th

    According to AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel, a report today that AT&T will wait until the day of iPhone’s launch to disclose rate plans for the device is inaccurate. “We will disclose before the 29th,” said Siegel, noting that customers will be able to show up at stores that day knowing how much...
  11. gt1948

    Is it possible for Apple to add 3G support with a software update?

    Not being a techi....would 3G be a hardware upgrade or a software? Maybe it's already built in and just a software upgrade is all thats needed? Similar to the new Airport Extreme "n" If so then the new AT&T video that was announced yesterday would be possible....:tounge::tounge: